Define every relationship with her and let your words and actions compliment each other.

Dear friend, why do you create impressions that are not in ladies?
You have your girlfriend or fiancee, you know she is the best for
you yet you cling to another sister so closely.
You eat in her house, lay on her bed anyhow, call her countless
times a day, ask her personal questions that only interested
persons should ask, tell her the kind of woman you want to marry
and make her feel she’s the best any man can have, yet in all this
you will never mention your girlfriend’s or fiancee’s name close to
You create the impression that you’re single and just observing to
see if she will fit in.
She waits patiently giving you all the attention assuming you are
still observing her and will soon speak what’s on your mind.
Then one day, you will just meet her and start telling her about one
lady, your girlfriend or fiancee whom you never mentioned all this
while, claiming you expected her to know(since she’s a spirit) that
you have been in a ‘serious’ relationship before you both became
Then you start accusing ladies of taking things too personal. No,
tell me why won’t they take it personal?
Bros, I actually agree that ladies might be fast in concluding a guy
loves them but if you were that lady, what would you have
thought? In a world filled with more ladies than guys, more fake
guys than real ones, then you finally find one who appears to be
single, who cares so much, visits you all the time, gists you about
everything, ask you about everything, tells you about how good
and unique you are, hangs out with you and all. What else do you
expect from such a soul who has probably been broken and now
feels she has found a comforter?
Who wouldn’t have thought that since you both are single and you
blend well, the next thing on your mind should be to ask her out.
You claim innocent when she acts surprised and disappointed that
you have a girlfriend but I actually wonder why you should be
surprised. Stop telling ladies what you don’t mean, don’t play with
her feelings.
“What do you mean by I like you? ” Ehn bros? Why do you accept
her cooler ministry when you know you are fixed? Why the
countless long calls? Why must you be seen everywhere with her
when you know she’s not the one and it’s not like she’s engaged?
Why must you spoil her market by following her everywhere when
you don’t have a plan of saying anything? Those personal
questions about her past and future, why must you know
everything when it’s never going to be your business? You said,
she was the one who took it personal, okay, why did you keep your
relationship status away from her? Okay she never asked right?
Even if she never did, you should respect your relationship enough
to bring it in once in a while since you are sure of what you want
and already have.
Enough of the indecision bro, pick one and let the world know that’s
Stop complicating things with your numberless “close” female
friends. You will definitely not stop seeing good girls because you
have a girlfriend or a fiancee but once you have chosen one, be
disciplined enough to stick to that one and let every other
relationship be clearly defined.

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