Define your relationship with him

Learn to define your relationship with a brother who is acting
above his limits of friendship without making his intentions known.
Some uncles just love to do the canopy ministry. They’ll become
clingy acting all nice and caring, calling all night and morning,
having you feeling like you are in a relationship with him already,
blocking other potential people from seeing you because
everyone’s assuming you’re dating him, when in fact, he is only
using you to satisfy his emotional needs. Some times you even
turn down other love proposals from serious people, confidently
waiting for uncle to make it official by asking you out, cos whether
he knows it or not, in your heart he is already your boo. Only for
uncle to suprise you with his wedding inviting card.
Aunty, If it means ignoring his calls, do it. If you have to start
avoiding him, do it. Until he figures it out, and when he does.
Simply ask him, “bro, what are we doing? cos I am not
understanding you.”
If he is a canopy minister, that’s when you will hear romantic
things like, “you are a good woman Amaka, any man will be
blessed to have you.”
Oh really? Uncle complimentor, thank you for the compliment. Any
man will be blessed to have me indeed, I guess that’s a very polite
way of letting me know you don’t want to be the blessed man then,
good, thanks for letting me know. But It’s just sad how you have
been comfortably blocking a blessing that other men are praying
everyday to have.

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