Democracy has exposed the incompetency of Buhari-Sam Okoro

Buhari can no longer hide; democracy has exposed him, and as he
serially all through his life, uses surrogates to mask his evil, and is
never responsible for anything, this oshiomohle anti democracy
APC party primaries will unmask him. A party primary is a
presidentially influenced activity, therefore, buharis implosion will
start from the inside.
When he was governor for 8 years, no one dare do this abuja
candidate imposition on his Edo state.
Oshiomohle is using Buharis power, and fear factor, but he doesn’t
know that the fear of Buharis is fast dissipated via sustained
Injusticiable acts, and monumental corruption in his household,
which innocentizes and justifies every other politician in the land.
His unfairness, extreme partisanship, bigotry, lack of principles,
parochialism, insensitivity and hypocrisy and lack of empathy has
torn that fear factor away. His wife’s stolen 2.5bn by a mere
orderly, his son’s expensive power bike debacle, his fresh graduate
daughter’s nnpc board membership etc etc make him corrupt like
everyone else and de-saintisizes him.
People in APC and outside, now see buhari as a bad and unclean
elder with no fairness in mind, so, they resist his intimidations.
PDP should hurry and unite and take the fight to this statutorily
barred old hag.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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