Dept pardon granted to Nigeria in 2015 not an effort of Obasanjo nor Atiku-Kayamo

Festus Keyamo Spokesperson of Buhari Campaign
Organization asserted that the debt pardon that was granted to
Nigeria in 2015 was not through the efforts of # OBJAtiku but was
just a planned kind gesture of IMF.
You see ehen! Buharist are like this man on this pics. He actually
knows what he’s holding but doesn’t know how to use it.
Keyamo is not lacking brain cells, but he doesn’t know how to use
his brain because he supports a man that has never put his brain
to use since 19kpirigidin. A man who that can’t lay claim to
sponsoring the publication of a pamphlet to his name. A man that
has been in corridor of power but has never sort to improve his IQ
through education. OBJ is a holder of PhD today because he likes
It’s obvious that one can’t support Buhari without sounding stupid.
Keyamo and his APC miscreants should at least visit Nnanyi
Googulu and ask him how Nigeria’s debt pardon came about.
Nigeria was never listed among the 18 states to be granted such
leverage, it was due to the robust Economic Recovery plan of
OBJAtiku that made that to happen.
Enough said, it’s certain that many people would be without pay in
2019, then they will return to their senses.

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