Did You Ever Cheat On Your Partner? Why?

Never try to cheat on your partner in this new year God of peace said so.

What Guys Said:


Never would. I’m a firm believer in karma and that comes around to haunt you if you fuck up. There was one woman I was making out with who had a boyfriend (didn’t know until she told me mid make out) that I stopped right there and walked off saying “I got serious reservations about that. I want no part in this.”


Never have.

I was tempted. Things in the relationship with ex had started to slide, her attutude seemed to have changed and i was wary of talking about it cause it felt like the end and i wasn’t ready for that.

I was out with some friends, getting drunk. One of them was a female friend i’ve kinda crushed on for a little while on and off. We’d both had a drink, there was a moment, but nothing happened.


Nope, not planning on it either. I believe in open communication so if I ever do feel like something is missing in the relationship I would rather talk to her about it than go behind her back to seek it out.


Never did, never will. Cheaters are the scum of the earth.

What Girls Said:


That is a shitty feeling I don’t want to pass on Be honest about your intentions. If you want multiple partners, make that known


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  1. It is a sin stop it ok

  2. Good update

  3. Stop cheating, it’s not good.

  4. I have never and will never ever do that
    Nice update at naira lovers

  5. Nice write up.

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