Dino Melaye exposes corruption in NNPC

Senator Dino Melaye, has exposed another massive corruption that
is currently ongoing under President Muhammadu Buhari’s watch.
Dino alleged that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,
NNPC, is operating an illegal account with Keystone Bank, with a
current balance of $137 million.
Melaye who raised a point of order during a plenary, disclosed that
the NNPC domiciled the Brass LNG Ltd, Joint Venture Company,
JVC, account at Keystone Bank, instead of the Central Bank of
Nigeria, CBN, as required by the law.
While some individuals and Government appointees will continue
to steal, we have decided to continue to expose corruption in public
life. I call the attention of the Nigerian Senate to a suspected,
colossal, monumental corruption in NNPC.
A company was registered with the name ‘Brass LNG Limited’, with
the Federal Government having controlling shares. We have some
Italians, Belgians, and French, as shareholders with the Federal
Government, with a controlling share of about 50 percent.
It is a known fact that once you have a joint venture, the account
of such joint venture will be domiciled with the Central Bank of
Nigeria. But in this case, that was not what happened. In private,
the account was opened with Keystone Bank; this account has no
BVN, and there have been periodic withdrawals.
The last withdrawal from the account was to the tune of $4 million.
As I speak to you, the balance of that account as of today is $137
million”, he alarmed.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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