Do spirit still exist and make love to humans?

I want to share a story of my friend on how she was nearly raped to eternity or repeatedly by a
masculine spirit for many years until she was delivered.

My friend, I choose to call Chimkwe to hide her identity, was never
believed by her parents, siblings and people around her. Her story
was too surreal and gory to be believed.How could Chimkwe say that a particular but unknown spirit raped
her periodically?

Chimkwe had just turned 18 when it all started. That was exactly
three years after she saw her first menstruation.
Chimkwe had just finished bathing and was applying her body
lotion when she felt that the door to her room opened. A manly
figure appeared calling her “Ọdimnobi” or “my sweetheart”, a fond
name lovers call themselves.

With what amounted to magical powers, the unnatural being would
embrace Chimkwe, remove her wrapper and underpants, if she had
put on any, and proceed to careless her as if she was being
handled by a masseur until Chimkwe would be wet and be begging
to be devoured even though she was half-hearted.

When the gentle but magnetic caressing transmitted goose pimple-
like sweet feelings, akin to what a female dog feels when being
caressed in the head by a caring owner, Chimkwe would melt like
an ice cream, and the extraterrestrial being would carefully and
artfully lower his manhood as a yam farmer sowing a tuber, into
Chimkwe’s bosom and would begin a swivel and rotating
movement, touching all the crevices that house the scream
buttons. Chimkwe would moan in a hushed tone, craving for more
until she felt a gush of hot fluid insider her, making her feel on top
of the moon.

Done, the spiritual rapist would alight like a victor in a wrestling
match leaving Chimkwe in a pool of sweat, semen and confusion.
He would leave by the door as he came.
Strange enough, this banal visitor never came around any time
Chimkwe was with anybody in the room. He would only come
whenever Chimkwe was alone, any time she had just finished
bathing. The spirit never came whenever Chimkwe was seeing her
menstruation. How he knew her menstrual cycle and when to
come was a puzzle.

This spirit disvirgined Chimkwe and wouldn’t just leave her alone.
He would come warning Chimkwe not to get closer beyond
comfort to any man. He threatened to liquidate or harm any
competitor for Chimkwe’s love and he actually attempted to make
good his threat.

Anụkifụfe was the first victim of this jealous extraterrestrial being
that had pitched tent in the world of Chimkwe.
The young man had successfully wooed Chimkwe to be his friend
and a lover. He was all any young girl could crave for.

Anụikifụfe was suave, handsome, good mannered and a medical
student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus. He loved
Chimkwe and wanted to marry her after school if she agreed.
After all, a lot of school love graduated into marriage, he reasoned.
The night that followed the day Anịkifufe delivered his manifesto to
Chimkwe who had just finished her pre-medical courses and was
in her second year Medicine, he couldn’t sleep.

Anụkifufe felt the door to his hostel room open and a figure
entered. Before he could ask “who is that?” he got a clapping
patterned slaps. He couldn’t not shout aloud or be able to run until
the slapper was satisfied. All he remembered was a husky voice
that said “next time you talk to her again you would be a dead

Many admirers of Chimkwe who tried to get closer had one story
or the other to tell.

And Chimkwe was no longer finding the marauding and offensive
behaviour of his spiritual lover funny. Guys were no longer coming
closer to her as news had gone around that she was not a normal
human being.

Chimkwe could no longer bear the burden again and decided to
seek for help. But she didn’t know where to go.
She decided to confide in her relations and they never believed her.
Could it be that spirit made Chimkwe’s relations deaf or incapable
of believing her story?

The exorcist revealed that the spirit laid claim to Chimkwe right
from her mother’s womb. Her pregnant mother fell for a prophecy
by a white garment prophet to go bath on the bank of River Niger.
The male spirit waited until Chimkwe was eighteen to start having
sex with her. He regarded Chimkwe as his wife.
But not anymore as Chimkwe is now free.

The kind of spirit that troubled Chimkwe is not usual.
Not many spirits would come physically to sexually obtain from
their victims or hosts in daylight. Most of them come in the night
or when the victims are asleep.

It’s common to hear accounts of ladies who have sex in their
dreams. Some even deliver children in apartments beneath
streams and rivers.

Many priests gifted with exorcism abilities and pastors involved in
deliverance know that in reality, spirits come in semi-human forms
to have sex with normal ladies.

The good news is that this sexual relationship between a normal
human being and a spirit could be severed traditionally by native
doctors or spiritually by pastors and imams.
I had personally witnessed Late N. Dr Ifeoma Ọgbanje of Enem
Otolo, Nnewi severe links between ladies and their spiritual lovers.
Yes I did.

Ifeoma Ọgbanje was my father’s cousin and she liked me as a
child and never asked me to leave as she practised her trade. She
died in the 80s.

Much later as teenager and as an alter boy in the 1980s at St.
Peter Clavers Catholic Church, Akwụnweke Otolo Nnewi, I
witnessed as Fr. Anthony battled with randy spirits.
Even Rev Fr Emmanuel Ede in Elele Rivers State still encounters
these spirits and dislodges them presently.
Some people would still read this and argue.

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