Do You Believe You Can Make Someone Fall In Love with You?

What Guys Said:

Its… not as if you can force someone to fall in love with you thats true. But there are things you can do that MAY make them develop feelings for you, but you can’t force them into it. Only time can tell if what you’re doing is working honestly. There are things you can do for attraction, but for actual love, it is very difficult and will always take time.


No, as much as i wish it was true we can’t make anyone

fall in love with us. I always am the one who falls in love

i love her with all my heart and all sudden boom things

turn out to be a let down. I’m left with my heart broken

cause i wear my heart on my sleeve. Yes i am far from

perfect and yes i have skeletons in my closet but when

i love a girl it’s for her and no other girl.


Not any random person, but one can manipulate the emotions of women.


But how can you get to the ‘fiddling’ stage unless she already likes you. It’s not like you’ll be able to do this with a one night stand and make her fall for you? 

No. Either they fall for a fake version of you that you will eventually resent having to maintain or they fall for the real you. If it’s the real you I don’t see how it can be forced


Make is a strong word. You can manipulate people without a doubt. But you can’t make anyone do anything. And it’s psychology 101 if someone realizes what you’re doing a lot of times they’ll react the opposite way.

What Girls Said:


Key being only if they don’t know what you’re doing.


Totally. Seduce them right and theyll fall for you 100% of the time


@DaMack999 naahh. It depends on what kind of mood you’re radiating. Ofc, you can set your boundries clear right feom the start. If you just seduce them for bootie calls, there won’t be any hope nor even the idea of you two being an actual couple. But if you’re romantic about it, ofc he will fall in love. 

We humans tend to develop emotions towards people we sleep with anyway, so thats even more of an advantage.


It has to happen on it’s own, if it were ever to happen being forced, it isn’t really love that’s connecting the two


No I don’t think so, you either are in love with someone or not


Not by force but there has to be something there first for it to blossom over time.


Yes. Just did it with my boyfriend. He said just after three dates that he fell in love with me.


You can’t make anyone fall in love with you. Wish it was easy as in movies, drinking love potion lol


You can’t make anyone do anything. Love is an action to be in love is a choice.


It’s possible but I personally would never do that. I prefer someone to fall for me naturally.

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