Do you have relationship anxiety?


You may know of anxiety but wonder what that has got to do with relationships.
Relationship anxiety is experiencing persistent unease or fear in your relationship but how do you know if it’s the normal concern about a new phase or you’re really anxious?
1. It never goes away
Even when things are going right, you find that you are waiting for that moment when everything will go wrong.
2. You can’t stay in the present
You are always caught between worrying about the past and the future. You are fussing over things that went wrong before and how they might happen again or you worry about how things will work out.
3. You don’t make up your mind easily
It is possible that you are certain that you are in love with a particular guy yet, you become indecisive about committing to him.
4. You always hold back
You two might have an open relationship but you may still discover that you prefer to hold certain things to yourself or you are hesitant about sharing certain opinions or secrets.
5. You are unhappy
You are so caught up in making it perfect that you are unhappy. At times, you think that staying in the relationship will ease your emotions but it does not help.
6. You try too hard on yourself
Somehow, you feel as though it is solely your job to make it work and so you put yourself under tremendous pressure. It’s like you’re obsessing.
7. You make silly decisions
As your relationship gets more serious, you may do something as silly as reaching out to an ex, showing how uneasy the relationship is making you.
8. Trust is absent
Trust in him or yourself is non-existent. When things don’t add up, you don’t give him benefit of the doubt or you always think that you will mess up the relationship.


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