Doctors Successfully Separated Conjoined Twins In Yola

A team of Doctors led by the Chief Medical Director of the Federal
Medical Centre (FMC), Yola, Professor Auwal Abubakar, has
successfully separated four-month-old conjoined female twins.

Professor Auwal disclosed the development to journalists at a
news conference in Yola yesterday.

“We have a successful separation of conjoined female twins
(Omphilopagus),”he said, adding that the development was
recorded following a team work by different medical units.

He said the surgery was conducted on May 14, adding that the
chances of survival of the twins were excellent.

The director said it took his team four hours to perform the
operation which was the second of its kind in the hospital.

He noted that Nigeria had medical personnel that could compete
with their counterparts in developed countries.

The father of the twins, Muhammad Ramat from KasuwanShanu in
Maiduguri, thanked the management of the hospital for paying the
bills for the surgery.


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