Does age really matter in choice of your marriage partner

This is a matter of choice. That a lady is very younger to you does
not mean she will be respectful and obedient to you as a man. And
that a man is so older than a lady does not mean a lady will
respect the man or the man will be able to guide or lead the lady
very well. Respecting a man is not really moved by age. This
decision only depends on both partners. If you won’t feel it or if it
won’t affect you psychologically or your relationship in anyway, go
ahead. But don’t let anyone tell you it is wrong. If a lady being
older than you will have negative effect on you in the relationship
as a man, then don’t venture into that, and if a guy a little younger
will make you feel uncomfortable, then don’t go ahead. It is a
matter of choice but nothing is bad in that.
Age does not matter really in a relationship, what matters mostly
in a relationship is how both of you are able to love and
understand one another.
I have seen many couples that have happy marriages with age
difference issues, there is so much love and respect in their
homes. But I use to say and counsel this, understanding, love and
respect is not the only thing to watch out for. The age difference
between a wife and a husband must not be too wide. This is not a
fast rule though, but it is wisdom driven. But when a lady is having
just months or between 2 and 5 years ahead, it may not affect one
in any way, depending on the way they see and accept one
another. But don’t because you hear that age does not matter, then
go ahead and marry a lady 10 or more years older or you as a lady
going for a man 20 or more years older. Seek counsel when the
age bracket is much please.

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