Does appearance really matter in relationship, Advice of thought

Appearance matters a lot i know. But you may be biting more than
you could eventually chew if you live your life competing with
what you see on social media. Whether single or married, please
cut your coat according to the fabric available at your disposal.
There is no long term gain if you earn 50k as monthly income yet
you want to live the life of a fellow earning 500k as income. You
may be plotting your way to a disaster if you are married to a man
who earns 70k monthly yet you want to live like your hubby earns
a million naira every month. This lifestyle which is largely
influenced by social media is the bane of coporate and open
prostitution, debt, frustration and depression.
You can live within your income and still look good without
necessarily becoming a begger or a “hawker”. The key is to know
how to package yourself.
No honest and reasonable man (or woman)will take you serious if
your lifestyle does not correspond with your genuine source of
Most importantly, put your future or the future of your husband and
kids into consideration before spending. You are in a man’s life to
help him build. Not to help him scatter the much or little he brings
back home. Before you spend, ask yourself,
Is this necessary? Do i need it now? Can i do without it?
Don’t drain your man or yourself with excessive wants. Truth is, as
long as you have eyes and can see, you would always be lured.
You will always want everything. SELF DISCIPLINE is KEY.
Don’t make your man begin to beg for loans to fund a lifestyle that
you will eventually get tired of in a few years to come, neither
should you go into debt because you want to meet up with social
media trends.
Remember, most of these flashy folks who live on social media
are promoting their brands or businesses and making money off it.

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