Does premarital cohabitation increase risk of divorce?

Family life and relationships have always been an interesting part of research as family forms the bedrock of society. Getting it right with family and everything else has a higher chance of going smoothly. Mess it up at the family stage and you just may have a crappy society!
It is on this note that numerous studies have been undertaken on premarital cohabitation and its possible impacts on family life, especially in terms of divorce. Is there a greater chance of filing for a divorce if a couple cohabited before marriage?
The findings have been immense but researchers are yet to come to a definite conclusion. When cohabitation was still heavily frowned upon, sometime in the 1980s, it was believed that the stigma accounted for the failed marriages. However, despite how ‘woke’ people have become and the marked decrease in stigma, there is still a high level of divorce in people who cohabit.
The amusing thing is that the divorce may not be in the first year of the marriage as the couples are already used to each other but in the long run, the marriage usually breaks down. This is not to say that cohabitation is the sole reason people get divorced. At times, their values, beliefs, and goals simply change. Also, even those who never lived together may also end up getting a divorce.
However, the point remains that cohabitation is not a guarantee that the marriage will work. The truth is that you can never do a true test run of marriage. If it is not marriage, it is not marriage. Scientists are still grappling with the matter but here is my humble submission.

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