Don’t marry because you met him or her in church

Because a lady is churchy, a chorister and wears long gown in
church doesn’t mean she’s a wife material. Because a brother can
speak in tongues doesn’t mean he is husband material. I’m sorry
to say this but what most people do in church is acting, just a
show. That’s why it seems the church is the home of pretentious
people, though they’ll always look sanctimonious.
Please marriage is greater than seeing a woman/man in church
and wanting to marry her/him.
In most cases, there are parts of ourselves we leave at home, at
school and at work and go to church. So knowing a person in
church is only one phase of them, there are many other phases.
That’s why you’ll see that choir mistress in church that wears long
gown and doesn’t even wave to guys in church, but in school, she
wears trousers, miniskirts and she dey play runs. Yes, because
seeing a person in church doesn’t have to do with how good they
This is what you should do..
Know a lady/guy from outside to church. Don’t try concluding on
his/her church attributes. It is more important knowing him/her
outside church personality, that’s the real her/him.
Until you know him/her very well outside church, don’t conclude
that she’s a wife material or a husband material. Even prostitutes
go to church, but remember that after church they go back to their
brothels, that’s if they decide not to repent.
In that same vein, a man/lady’s personality after church is very
important. Church is like a Nollywood, people come and act, play
religion and go back to who they are at home.
So because a person prays like fire, speaks in tongues like Paul,
and dress like Mary, doesn’t mean they are really a Christian.
Watch well.
It is better to know a lady to be bad and even marry her than
thinking she’s good and marry her, your frustration will be real, so
real bro. So when going for a church girl, forget her church life, try
to know her woes, if she’s perfect, please leave her because it’s
not real.
Anyone who doesn’t exhibit some act of imperfection, should be
feared cos I’m sure they’re fake. Cool, I’m not saying that good
Christians don’t exist, but you can never know a God fearing
person based on religious activities. It’s called God fearing, not
‘Church fearing’.
That was how a guy met a girl in church, she was so churchy,
sanctimonious, without any wrinkle, he married her, immediately
after marriage she stopped going to church. She physically told
him that now she has gotten him and no more church. Isn’t it what
I just said?
I have also heard a story of a brother who is very punctual and
active in church, this lady married him based on that and after
marriage, the brother told her no more church and she must do his
will henceforth.
Many people are in church for mischievous purposes, to defraud
others and it’s always easy because a greater number of people
believe that being in church means a person should be trusted.
See, it’s better to meet a girl somewhere else and love her, than
just seeing her in church and loving her.
Marriage needs more than pretence. You need to know the person
you are marrying. No matter how churchy they are, it doesn’t
matter, after all you don’t want to open church. Marriage doesn’t
work out because of going to church. It works out based on
authenticity and love and practicality. Do you know loving a
pretentious person is like loving someone who doesn’t exist? And
that is no love. So sometimes we love people for who they are far
from. So it’s important knowing the realness of a person before
you start loving them, so your love for them will be based on
accurate knowledge about them.
To avoid stories that will touch hearts, please know the girl well
outside church, know that brother outside the church.
Marriage is too long lasting to marry a fake person and sadly, we
can’t pretend longer than we can be real. One day the facade will
fade and the real person will surface. By then you’ll be regretting.
Don’t marry her/him because you met her/him in church. Not all
come to church for Godly reasons.
Not even pastors wives are calm at home as they look in church.

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