Dont tell me President Buhari is fighting corruption, facts has shown otherwise-Faruk Adejoh Audu

Record has it that president Obasanjo sacked his IGP Tafa Balogun
for corruption. He sacked the then Senate President Adolfus
Wabara for corruption. He also sacked his own ministers, Fabian
Osuji, S.M Afolabi, Hussein Akwanga, Tim Menakaya, etc for
corruption. He also sacked Mrs Mobolaji Osomo for administrative

The same way late president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua sacked Mrs Adenike Grange as Minister of Health for administrative infraction.
It’s on records that president Jonathan also sacked Stella Odua
for corruption. Stella Odua was one of the most powerful ministers
in president Jonathan’s administration. But when she erred,
President Jonathan sacked her.

President Jonathan also sacked Mr. Abdulrasheed Maina as the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform for corruption.
Now, tell me who president Buhari has sacked for the reported
cases of corruption in his government? Mind you, If you tell me that president Buhari sacked Babachir, I will happily remind you that the same president Buhari wrote the Senate, defended and exonerated Babachir of all wrong doings leveled against him.

It was the cry of people like you and me and some other good Nigerians that forced him to sack Babachir and have him replaced with his own brother, Boss Mustapha. In other words, Mr. Babachir brought his own replacement. Yet, some hero worshipping obsessive dim-wits will still want me to believe that president Buhari is Mr. Integrity and that he is fighting corruption.

Let me also remind you that president Buhari also reappointed the
following guys who were all sacked for corruption and violation of
their oaths of offices, Abdulrasheed Maina: Maina was the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform. He was secretly recalled and reinstated by president Buhari. He was even promoted to the position of director in charge of human resources in the ministry of interior. Maina was dismissed by president Jonathan in 2013 following recommendations by the Office of the Head of Service. He was said to have stolen about 100billion naira from the pension fund.

CP Zakari Biu: CP Biu was dismissed following his complicity in the escape from police detention of notorious Boko Haram suspect, Kabiru Sokoto. He was reinstated and promoted to the rank of AIG by president Buhari before he was gloriously retired from active service. NHIS Boss.

Prof Usman Yusuf: Prof Yusuf was said to have squandered over 997 million naira from the schemes intervention fund. Investigation was carried out and he was dully sacked by the minister of health. But because he is president Buhari’s brother, he was recently reinstated.

Mallam Ahmed Saleh. Saleh was the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court. He connived with two others (Mohammed Abdulrahaman Sharif and Rilwanu Lawal) and stole 2.2 billion naira belonging to the apex court. They were also said to have received gratifications totaling 74.4 million naira from private contractors who were providing services to the apex court. Mallam Saleh was sacked but president Buhari reinstated him and promoted him as the Secretary of Legal Council of Nigeria.

Don’t ever tell me that president Buhari is fighting corruption. Facts on ground are showing otherwise.

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