Yesterday at Okpara Square
in Enugu state, the remains of Dr Alex brought calibres and high
and low profile men together at the Square. One negligible
common sight was~~ the open place which the commoners who
knew they had no option if they must witness the event clustered
under the scourging sun spiced with security intimidation owing to
the presence of the mighty politicians who barricaded themselves
with the human security fence. The service was conducted by the
Anglican Diocese of Enugu which was presided over by His Grace,
Most Rev. Dr. E. O. Chukwuma (OON), the Archbishop
ecclesiastical province of Enugu and the bishop, Anglican Diocese
of Enugu. The service was indeed a demonstration of
Archiepiscopal prerogatives as the Anglican bishop showed the
politicians the way to go by. How they ought to conduct public
affairs. You can watch same on YouTube. Apart from the service, I
saw a reasonable number of politicians from the North including
the Turaki of Adamawa~~ Atiku Abubabakar and the incumbent
governor of Sokoto state, Alhaji Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. Their
presence not withstanding, the Archbishop openly opposed
crazing colony and warned any SE governor who may be
considering such medieval decision to wait for their eventual
EKWUEME Ekwueme as I learned from the tribute represents
scholarship of diverse fields; his achievements in the lexicon of
academics epitomize him as such. A first class architect who drew
plans for nations, institutions, continents and states with integrity
in mind. It may shock you that this man also batched B.Sc
Economics. He had degree in Law. He consulted for International
organizations before, during and after his political outings. Alex
never chickened out of academic route because he had made
money for himself, family and cronies; he entered into politics and
served the nation and came out a poor public servant unlike the
today’ politicians. Despite reaching the crescendo of his career as
a venerated Architect, Alex still opposed unjust structures which
was the reason he led the popular G38 that opposed Abacha’
purported plan to transform into a civilian leader. Dr Alex never
opposed the desire of the draconian cum brutal Abacha because
he was assured of his security after the patriotic march; he did
that to contribute in the lives of poor Nigerians at the receiving
end of the retrogressive cum repugnant regime of the rapist of
democracy. Unlike Atiku and senator Ken Nnamani who go about
reminding Nigerians how they opposed Obasanjo’ third term while
they loathe for not doing the deal probably because it does appear
their personal interest which they had in mind was not
forthcoming. Alex promoted patriotism, selfless service and sanity
in the public office. The brand of of EKWUEME is obviously lacking
in the contemporary Nigerian politics. Unlike EKWUEME, what we
have today are bunches of insatiable untamed looters marauding
at the corridors of power with the intendment to siphon public
coffers as fear to return to the class of poor people after service
navigates their mindset over leadership not their core calling. Alex
distinguished himself which was the reason Shehu Shagari paid
his glowing tribute on the rare gem (Alex) with emphasis on his
public frugal lifestyle. Alex was a devout Christian of the Anglican
Communion extraction. His appearance in the church services was
not scarce; his was a notable common sight each time he would
attend any service. As a committed Anglican, he was instrumental
to the setting up of an Anglican University domiciled in Awka
Anambra state(Paul University). The university community equally
held a session to mark his departure. Chief Dr Alex Ekwueme
related well with his community to the point he attracted Oko
Polytechnic in his home town. An ebullient scholar with a pedigree
in all spheres of human endeavour. A thoroughly bred technocrat.
A virtuoso in the field of architecture, Law, Economics, etc. He has
accomplished family and a good legacy to reckon with. Your place
of nativity holds you high. Your social class bears witness to your
humility and integrity. Your children testify of your fatherly role.
The church of Christ sings in total awe, your Nunc Dimitis.
RECOMMENDATIONS The death of Ekwueme should be
accompanied with the institution of scholarships award to
replicate and sustain the impeccable virtues of Ekwueme as an
icon of integrity. EKWUEME’ family should call Chris Ngige to
order as his spurious submission on #b1 FG spending on Alex
burial has the potential to contaminate the clean name of this
departed hero. I, Okah Kingsley is saying to you as attributed to
Julius Caesar who, according to Appian, used the phrase in a letter
to the Roman Senate around 47 BC after he had achieved a quick
victory in his short war against Pharnaces II of Pontus VENI, VIDI,


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