Dumo Lulu-Briggs is one man that people followed not because
they got assurance of CRA’s endorsement from anyone with link to
the leader. It was his fulfillment of those tasks and expectations
which are naturally required in politics that convinced people to
follow him. His presence and tangible commitment to the cause
appealed to rational minds all over Rivers State. When it became
clear that Kalabari had been favored, people didn’t see any reason
why it shouldn’t be DLB; because he has paid his dues and has
shown readiness.
In trying to fathom the mystery of what went wrong, theories have
been propounded by various thinkers and analysts. Some people
say that though CRA enjoyed the Dumo’s charisma; that while he’s
pleased to have him as a partner in progress and deeply
appreciates the life he gave to the party, he (CRA) was still not
ready to overlook the political expedience considerations, or risk
his long term survival in a toxic political environment which hinges
on the degree of a prospective cordial relationship between an ex
governor and a serving governor, for a mere exercise of faith in a
supposed independent mind like Dumo Lulu-Briggs. The other
theory suggests that DLB may have lost the leader’s endorsement
because certain individuals with intimidating influence pushed too
hard for DLB. Another one is that CRA is not averse to the choice
of DLB but major ‘spoilsporters’ within the party with different
interests and sworn opposition to a DLB candidacy, had the ears of
the leader.
Tonye Cole sure has the pedigree. We believe he is a successful
man with good leadership qualities. Hence, our disappointment
should not drive us into any sort of primordial or base arguments
against him. But we won’t fail to lament alongside the principles of
politics that Dumo proved his capacity and accessibility in several
ways including when he humbly joined the change revolution in
person and marched through the streets of Port Harcourt in
solidarity with the president of Nigeria. Again, when he abandoned
his business and joined the march to support the Nigeria’s Special
Anti Robbery Squad; marching from Polo Club to Moscow road. He
suffered the humiliation arising from that movement but resisted
every attempt of it to dampen his spirit. DLB gave hope to
members of APC; reaching out to many with their needs. He
fraternized with the young and the old; including men and women.
He felt their pulse and rekindled their spirit with the offerings of
hope. With extraordinary humility, he harked the voice whenever
the leader called for a duty. Some people wondered why such level
of display of commitment and loyalty. But it was clear, even from
his verbal expressions that he believes in APC and loves the leader.
Dumo Lulu-Briggs is a patriot, a compassionate leader who is
widely loved and respected. Before the announcement was made,
was he fairly treated? Was he availed of a foreknowledge of the
later decision? Is Tonye Cole aware that Dumo has done great job
building the party and has sufficiently evangelised their Riverine
region and other parts of Rivers State with the message of
change? Has he reached out to Dumo, or does he intend to?
Let it be known that the liberation cause is not about Dumo Lulu-
Briggs. He’s only a willing messenger; a voice for the thousand
crusaders. Our cry is for an inclusive system that supports the
aspirations of Rivers people. We enjoyed the CRA regime because
it felt like our friend was in charge; that governance was in no
measure mystified; it involved the people. And the governance we
have envisioned with Dumo Lulu-Briggs who already has become a
good friend to all of us is paradisical; it’s truly a Government of the
people by the people and for the people.
We saw a father of nations in Dumo Lulu-Briggs; indeed, he’s a
lover of mankind and a true friend. Today, our broken hearts are
with him and we shall continue to stand by this great humanist.
But it’s worthy of note that our solidarity with him does not replace
our loyalty for the leader but is born out of a moral obligation to
stand by a man who assured us of a better tomorrow, and help him
absorb the shock that came from that sudden announcement.
DUMO is the dream. May God Deliver, Liberate and Bless Rivers
State with great fortunes.


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