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Elder statesman: listen to Nigerians on RUGA—Iwuanyanwu

Elder statesman: listen to Nigerians on RUGA—Iwuanyanwu

Elder statesman, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has advised the Federal Government to heed the voices of Nigerians,who have expressed their opposition to the proposed Ruga settlement for herdsmen.

Iwuanyanwu, the Aha eji a gamba, pointed out that there is no way majority of the people who have rejected the proposal would be wrong, noting that the “voice of the people is the voice of God.”

He disagreed that the herdsmen perpetrating the numerous killings and atrocities were Nigerians.

“We have Fulani in this country, likewise other tribes; we have never had any problem. I don’t believe the people who are involved in the killings are from Nigeria, they are from outside Nigeria. If government would allow this, that means they are allowing foreigners to come and kill our people. Look at what has happened in Benue, Nasarawa,Taraba and Zamfara, no country can accept that.

“I believe government has reached a point where it should listen to the voice of the people.

“The South West, South South, South East, Middle Belt, even the Hausa are in trouble because they’re being killed. I don’t believe these people are stupid. Of course, I’m happy the governors of the South East have stated it that they don’t want the settlement and If you come to the South East, on whose land would you settle them?

“We don’t have land; the land here is owned by people. There is nothing wrong with the cattle rearers negotiating with land owners to buy land, but, we are not used to the situation where the Federal Government would take the land and and give it to herdsmen. I can’t understand that. Why can’t they give it to those doing agriculture? Why is it that the Fulani tribe is always treated in a different way like a special tribe? Why is the Federal Government insisting despite the people saying no to it?

“We are not stopping anybody from anywhere from acquiring property; any Nigerian can afford property anywhere, but, has to acquire it with his money, not the Federal Government acquiring for them.”

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