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Electricity in Nigeria , moving forward or backwards ??

Electricity in nigeria can be measured with ratio that is 1:2 or 3:1 or it can be rated with percentage .

A short survey around the settlements shows their is  a huge pull back in the power industry in nigeria .

Moreso , when we visit the villages and rural settlement, it is quite obvious electricity is abominable word there . That is they rate electricity up to 0/100 . But in the city the opposite is just the case for a lot of people some Amy rate  95% though . But GOI with the majority it is clear that the power in Nigeria is goimg down.

One thing that makes a lot of nigerians angry is the high tariff that the power companies imppinds on the customers. A small village that had had light 4 times in a month may face a bill of 1 million naira . Also aftrr collecting all this money they won’t imptive I’m their service .

Now we have to look at the causes of these pull back from the power sector angle .

1 The power sector is so huge that it can’t actually monitor all it’s activities thus giving room for manipulations by wicked people .

2 The equipment used by their workers may be outdated or not of standard quality thus aftter working on a project ,it may not be stable thus is shatters  .

Now to the individual zone or angle this are the causes .

1 Vandalizing electric cables is just the order of the day in the country . This is a devilish act and ought to stop no matter how broke we were we ought not to try it  .

Now in summary of all of these ,we ought to use our heads in working we should hlvet meters and obey simple electricity laws and regulations .

We should also try to be honest and endeavor to monitor our works very well . Imagine Nigeria giving electricity to Ghana for a long time where as it’s citizens are suffering.

Weird .

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