Embarrassing health problems no one talks about

There are certain health conditions that don’t serve as a suitable topic for conversation between you and your close friends or even family because they are just too embarrassing to talk about. However, it is important you don’t keep these health conditions under wraps because they could actually indicate a more serious health issue.
Here’s a list of some health problems no one wants to talk about.
Every day halitosis
If your morning breath doesn’t just stop after brushing your teeth, then you might just be suffering from halitosis (bad breath). The culprits responsible for your warm breath might be the odorous foods you eat, bad oral hygiene or dehydration; get all this out of the way and you’re on your way to good breath.
Painful sexual intercourse
Experiencing pain or tenderness inside your vagina, pelvis or abdomen during sex might be an indication of several health issues. You might have a case of chronic pain of the vulva, yeast infection, or possibly the beginning of an ovarian cyst. A visit to your ob-gyn should air your confusion.
Feminine odor
Your vag smells unpleasant when there is a change in its pH balance. This could be caused by oral sex, damp underwear, vagina douching, and several other reasons. Get instant relief from pesky vag odors by sticking to a healthy body regime, ditching douche treatments or getting an over-the-counter antibiotic pill.
Leaking urine when you sneeze
This can be embarrassing especially when you are a full-grown adult but you need not suffer in silence. Urinary leakage could occur when you’re involved in strenuous work or stress incontinence; it could also be as a result of urinary tract infections or high blood medication. Certain exercises could help control this abnormal condition but it is advisable to make a visit to your doctor first.


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