About a week ago, I was walking down a popular road in Benin city
while on phone with a friend.
As I was about to cross a T-junction, suddenly while still on the
phone I heard the man (in rags) whose pictures you are seeing
speaking the best of English grammar, but not minding him nor
listening to what he was saying, I walked past him.
Immediately he paused, and I heard a strange voice calling me by
Shocked I quickly hanged up the phone.
Don’t you know me? He asked! I didn’t say a word. Looking at him,
still wondering how he got to know my name!
Are you not a Nifesian? He questioned.
He then went on to remind me what happened about ten years
ago, how I helped him as a fresher in Delsu Asaba campus, how I
accommodated him when he had issues in hostel 9.
He told me his name is Emeka. At this point I was confused so I
hurried away.
But as I walked away, I was troubled within me especially because
even though he looked insane but his ability to accurately
remember events that transpired 10 years ago was baffling.
Convinced in my spirit to probe further, I went back.
I called him EMEKA and with excitement he said, “you Don
remember me now abi?”
Then I interrupted him.
I asked him who else he knew in Delsu apart from me. Adebola
Bakare he replied.
The following discussion ensued
Me: Who was you best friend in School
Emeka: Stanley ochuko
Me: which course did you study?
Emeka: business administration
Me: which year did you gain admission? Emeka: 2007
Me: where you a regular student? Emeka: no it was CEP he replied.
At this moment I was like how come you remember so much?
Emeka: I can remember everything that happened.
Me: Okay, give me any of your family member’s phone number.
Emeka: I can’t remember any
Me: if you can remember what happened 10 years ago, you should
be able to remember a number.
Emeka: if I remember I for tell you.
Me: Where do your parents recides? Emeka: DSC.
Me: which church do your parents attend? Emeka: deeper life bible
Me: which branch. Emeka: DSC branch.
Me: what about your siblings?
Emeka: I don’t know where they are.
I discovered that He is from Isialangwa, Ugwa in Abia state. His
mum’s name is Mrs. Unkasi popularly known as “nwanyi church”
he added. And for over 30 minutes I was with him asking questions
and receiving answers?
Before I finally left, he described his place where he sleeps along
the road to me. I have passed by that place several times within
the week and always see him sitting.
I have gathered that his name is Onwughara Daniel and that he
started having certain mental issues back in school.
How can an insane Man remember things that happened over 10
years ago?
Maybe he just needs a good psychiatrist then he will gain back his

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