Emotional instincts are most good and disastrous

Emotional instincts are the most disastrous emotional lead instincts in relationship. Listen, the more emotional you are in a relationship, the more vulnerable you will become. The less emotional you are, the less the fears and negativity.

Personally, I love to keep relationship with people but it doesn’t border me at all if someone decides to end a relationship he or she has with me. I love, give, care and invest on people everyday but I am very careful not to be emotionally attached with them. You deceive
yourself thinking you need to have a certain feelings for someone
before accepting their proposal.

This idea of I feel good relationship, for that reason we are meant for each other is the most vulnerable position a woman can find herself. You need to know how many I feel good relationship that makes young women emotional victims every year and that should be a huge lesson for you as a woman. You feel good, then you accept the relationship, i feel very sorry for you.

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Emotional feelings can make a young woman very crazy in a newly found nice guy relationship, and then devastated when she found out that she has been deceived. I have said this before, my wife and I didn’t have this nice romantic relationship feeling going on before we got married. It just happened, having known each other and prayed over the decision to get married.

We just knew we were meant for each other after one month of quality communication. Moreover, I had already developed the character of my choice of spouse with the help of the Holy Spirit, which I was using as a guide to know if she was really the one for me. I encourage young women to sometimes act like spy detectives.

A female spy detective do not get carried away easily. They are purpose driven, and not emotional driven. Any woman that loves herself and truly want to enjoy her relationship or marriage will need to learn not to be completely emotionally lost with her man, even if he is your husband. Proverbs 4:23 instructs you, Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

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