ENVIRONMENT FOR FAMILY SUCCESS: Top 7 Qualities in a Husband

ENVIRONMENT FOR FAMILY SUCCESS: Top 7 Qualities in a Husband

Friendly Disposition

Being friendly-disposed always is one of the best qualities in a husband. An understanding, kind and warm man is the kind of husband every woman aspires to be with. He is always positive and friendly, not only to his wife and children but also to everyone he comes in contact with. Pride is not in his dictionary.


No woman wants to see or even hear that her husband is going out with or seeing another woman. Faithfulness is one other best quality a wife desires so much in a husband. A man who is a husband always remembers/keeps his marital vows, he is a man of honour and integrity and a husband a wife can trust, anyday, anytime.


Are you a reliable man? Are you responsible and supportive? These are those best qualities in a husband that every woman would like to experience. Can your wife count on in all circumstances? Can you support in good and bad times? Can you care for her no matter what? Then, that gem in a husband is in you.


Respect, they say is recprocal; showing respect to the wife is one of the prime qualities in a husband. He doesn’t belittle her either in public or private, he listens to her emphatically even as she airs her views on some mutual issues. If he doesn’t agree with her totally, he has a way of bringing her into his camp of thoughts.


One other best quality in a husband is openness which is engendered by an effective communicaton between the couple. Communication is fundamental to a good and solid marriage; every woman wants her man to be honest and open to her at all times. A good husband always finds quality time to sit close to his wife ‘gisting’ on issues from the most trivial to the most serious. Good communication builds trust and strengthens relationships between husband and wife.

Love and Affection

When you want to talk about the best qualities in a husband, love and affection for a wife can never be over-stressed. A good husband knows what love and attention are what makes his wife give her whole and entire being. He appreciates and notices physical and emotional goings-on in the life of his wife. It doesn’t matter if they just celebrated their silver, golden or diamond jubilee of their marriage, his care for his wife is always as fresh as though they are still courting.

Conjugal Intimacy

Knowing and applying the instrument of sexual intimacy in marriage is one of the best qualities in a husband. In most circumstances, a good husband strives to make wife happy in bed and this is as a result of the fact that he knows that a good sex beefs up his wife’s emotional and physical attraction to him. In a nutshell, good sex is a very essential oil in lubricating the wheels of a happy marriage.

The above best qualities in a husband amongst others make a marriage happy and enjoyable. I hereby encourage those looking for loving husbands to take the above tips to heart.


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