ENVIRONMENT FOR FAMILY SUCCESS: Top 9 Qualities a good wife should have

ENVIRONMENT FOR FAMILY SUCCESS: Top 9 qualities a good wife should have

A woman plays many roles in her life; she is a daughter, sister, mother and wife. Every woman obviously wants to be a good daughter, wife and mother too and she has to give lots of love to be all these ‘goods’. But just love is not enough to be a good wife; some skills and qualities are required to be one and of course for a healthy marriage. My advice to every housewife is to be a good wife and then expect your man to be a good husband! Also, it’s easy to be in unconditional love in the earlier stages of a relationship but to continue your relationship with the same spark in the latter years, you need to do a lot of things. Here are some of the qualities that good wife should possess

Quit Nagging

A wise man once said that “A nagging wife annoys like a constant dripping.” Nagging and complaining creates an unwanted in your relationship/marriage. It can also become a vicious cycle forcing him to avoid you which will definitely complicate and worsen things between both of you. Or how do you expect love or appreciate if he feels attacked by your nagging? Quit nagging, it doesn’t work in any marriage; try asking him nicely and I bet he’ll definitely consider what you are saying. Remember, a good wife doesn’t nag.

Look good, Charm him

Most women believe that it doesn’t matter how they look after marriage; well, it sure does because the bitter, blunt truth is that married women tend to gain weight, get fat and lose shape. Ladies, you have to look attractive even after marriage or else men will definitely find their way. So, it’s necessary important that you captivate his attention only you as this will discourage from going after anything in skirt. Husbands really love good looking wives and will do anything to please them.

Be Unpredictable, Surprise him often

Relationships/marriages get boring if they are too predictable. Even though there is an issue as to being unpredictable is a good thing in marriage or not, it adds spice to the marriage and again, you have to be careful that the unpredictable things you do are not disturbing. Surprising your husband with thoughtful gifts every now and then, special candle-light dinners or romantic things, making his favourite snack or dish once in a while with you playing the seductress will help in grabbing his attention. You can also come up with creative ways of surprising him. The central idea is to give him the thrill of surprise and remember, men like surprises too!

Organize his house, be a good maid

A wise man once said that A wife is a friend first, a lover second, and third and probably most important, a maid. Keep your home clean and organized; from the living room to the lavatory, everything must be spic and span. The healthy atmosphere you create in your home will lift his mood; come with innovative ideas to make your home a peaceful place for him. Don’t ever feel burdened doing all the chores but rather make him dependent on you by doing all the chores. He’ll surely miss you or feel your absence by doing so.

All the positive qualities

A good wife is pleasant and not saucy. To be a good wife, you must be warm, kind, affectionate, caring, understanding, positive, obedient and friendly because all these qualities will make your husband comfortable around you. For instance, when your husband returns home after a hectic day at work, a warm welcoming smile, hug or kiss will make his day! You have to be loyal and support him both in his success or failure or should be at his side, especially in times of hardship. Most importantly, respect your husband and you’ll definitely get back his respect!

A man needs his space

You must accept that your husband has a life other than you as there are other people in his life such as his family, friends and workmates; he also has his hobbies, interests and passions. Don’t stop him from having this other life, give him his space, let him do whatever he wants to and this will make him love you the more. One straight point is that an interfering wife is an irritating one. Don’t interfere, irritate your man and he’ll love you back.

Sexual Intimacy is important too

If a man is deprived of his sexual needs, it will reflect in his mood. If your husband is frustrated often, the reason might be that his sexual desire is not fulfilled and one of the reasons why most marriages fail is because of lack of exciting sexual relationship. Research shows that the reason why most men cheat is mostly physical whereas for women it is emotional. Make your husband happy in bed but the best way to satisfy your husband is to put yourself in his shoes by giving him what he wants.

Don’t hide your love

Hiding your love from your husband is of no use. Don’t withhold your love; express it to him and he’ll definitely appreciate it. Join in his activities and spend as much time as is possible with him. Compliment and praise him often; little gestures are enough to prove your love for him. Remember the special days in his life, celebrate every little occasion in a simple manner that he will enjoy and get unique gifts for him as a token of your love. Bring joy to him with these small but unique ideas and he’ll never forget the special moments and memories you create.

Be open with your feelings

A wise man once said that a relationship without trust is like a vehicle without fuel in its tank.A man will trust you only if you open up to him. Trust him with everything; don’t keep any secrets from him because you earn his trust that way. Marriages succeed only in an environment where there is mutual trust. Make it mandatory to speak with him daily about how his day was spent; listen to what he says patiently and understand his feelings. Remain claim if any difficult discussion arises and try to sort it out. Assure him that you are there for him. Good communication will strengthen your bond.


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