Every region in Nigeria have a regional sentiment—Mansur

Every region in Nigeria has its peculiar sentiment issues. I chose to
talk about northern sentiment because I can authoritatively do so
without the fear of being sentimental.

The north is most interested in having a northern President rather
than a Nigerian president. The only experience and qualification
one needs to have the total support of an average northerner to
become a president is “Alhaji” or “Malam” contesting against a
“mister”. Now that the north is gradually burning, we want the rest
of Nigeria to join us in speaking up because Nigeria now belongs
to all of us. Most times when they do speak up, we will insult them
for attacking “our” president or support those who do.

The rest of Nigeria is silent about our plight because they do not
want us to refer them to the long history of how “their own”
presidents were responsible for the same problem during their
reigns. Do northerners even know that more northerners have died
under northern presidents than southern presidents? Yes we do.
We just do not care because we rather lose lives than lose power.
In the course of winning a ‘fight’, we lose our sight.

Those we constantly prefer to lead us choose to invest in their
private businesses than in our future and we do not care as long as
their names are prefixed by “Alhaji”. For example, between Ibadan
and Lagos alone there are more than 15 private universities while
there could be more private media outfits in Lagos alone than in
the whole of the northwest. Do not even talk about industries.
Meanwhile, there are more filling stations in my state of Sokoto
than you can find in Lagos and Ibadan, if I am not being hyperbolic
about it.

To have a voice, the north needs to invest in education and the
media as well as have functional, well-informed state
governments. This is what states in the south do and while they
produce ointment, we manufacture sentiment. The north, like all
other regions, choose sentiments over priorities and the only
excuse is “they too do it”.

A northern or southern president cannot solve our problems, a
Nigerian president can. You can’t have excuses and results.
Sentiments don’t solve problems; they compound them.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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