Every woman deserves a real gentleman, not boys

Does being a man qualifies and makes me eligible to stay
closest to the road, shielding the woman like an egg?
You people play too much.
I have never really understood what the term “Gentleman” fully
entails. Like the time I was on a hangout with this girl I met on a
WhatsApp group after a fight of words. A fine Delta girl, her English
was buttered and coated with this irresistible pidgin accent she
tries to hide.
After the date, we chose to walk home, strolling by the busy road
as cars, bikes and trucks competed in their rural, unprized F1 race.
I walked by her side, off the road.
“Blessed, be a gentleman joor.” And she moved to my safe side,
putting me between herself and the mad road with the crazy
Every less than fifty steps, I’d find myself back to her right side of
safety, putting her closer to the road. It wasn’t intentional, it never
is. You see, there are three instincts that define my life and
– Fear
– Self Preservation
– Love; in that order.
On this evening, self preservation kept steering me to the safe side,
and I kept finding myself at her right side. Till one car flew past us,
and flashed mud water at us. I’d say us since it is the both of us,
but sweet Delta babe took all the brunt of the assault.
Come and see rage. Her rage wasn’t directed at the governor that
didn’t do the road well, or the crazy driver that splashed water at
her. Her rage was on me. What kind of man puts a woman in
harms way? What kind of man would would walk on the safe side
instead of protecting his Woman? Didn’t I know that gentlemen and
real men walk on the dangerous side to protect their women, in
case of mud splash like this or a car runs of the road. You should
see how my eyes were rolling and I was biting my finger nails and
I don become Superman. I didn’t know that gentleman means
taken the dirty mud splashing, while she says sorry.
Maybe if it were a child, I know it is a child that needs shielding
and protecting, they might run into the road if I’m not careful. But
when it comes to an adult like me, everybody should respect
themselves. A man doesn’t come with super abilities.
Let us be guided.
– You can guess it, the relationship ended there. Delta babe went
to WhatsApp and began crying foul.
“Sum guys r kids, dey dnt knw hw to take care of a woman. Evri
woman deserves a real man. A pure gentleman. Not boys.

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