Everyday things you may be doing that is unhealthy for your brain

While we think we’re being conscious of our health by eating a healthy diet, going for regular health check-ups and even indulging in physical activity to keep our body in fit. There are some habits we indulge in that appear to be innocent but are actually toxic especially for our brain and overall health.
Here are five things you might be doing on a regular basis that are harmful to your brain.
Working while sick
When you’re down with a fever or any other illness, it is ideal you give your body the much-needed rest it needs! Working your brain and body overdrive regardless might break down your immune system and make you vulnerable to a series of illnesses.
Eating lunch at your desk
Your office desk houses hundreds of germs even more than a toilet seat and eating right there is an unhealthy choice! Besides eating at your desk only means you’ll remain fixated on spot for long hours and this could increase your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Water bottles
The bottles we all use on a daily basis are made of polycarbonate plastics which contain a toxic man-made chemical that could pose a risk for energy levels in the body, affect the bodily processes of cell growth, and could also affect reproduction. Now, the hotter the water temperature in the bottle is the more chemical you get exposed to; it is, therefore, advisable to only use mugs made of glass, clay or even porcelain to be on the safer side.
Skipping breakfast
You’re probably used to people saying breakfast is the most important meal in the day and quoting zillions of reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on breakfast. Turns out they were right, not taking breakfast before racing out of your apartment leaves you hanging for the day, you’re bound to experience energy relapse, poor concentration and probably bite heads off at the slightest provocation.

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