Facts unveils Buhari as a corrupt President

Many might have forgotten that the current IG , Idris was the CP of
Kano State when Buhari polled 2Million votes and Jonathan only
150,000 in the last 2015 election.
The then INEC Returning Officer in Kano was burnt to death
together with his family in their home, immediately after the
election and the result announced.
Till date no arrest nor anything found as the cause of the fire .
As if it is a payback for a job well done,CP Idris was promoted to
IGP over 12 other senior CPs, over 22 senior AIGs, and of course
over the 7 most senior DIG police officers to become IGP
immediately Buhari was sworn in.
Every other officer that was senior to CP Idris was retired just to
make way for the now IG Idris to occupy this highest position.
Corruption is not only when you embezzled money.
There are several forms of corruption that has become
cankerworm in our governance, nepotism is one of them. Comr
Ohinoyi Mathew Okene wrote :
Idris Ibrahim was a CP in Kano during the 2015 election. That was
in March 2015. How did he become Inspector Gen by March,
CP – AIG – DIG – IGP. Classical corruption from Buhari. FACTS
Here is the list of the AIGs that were retired to make former Kano
state commissioner of police, Idris Ibrahim, the IGP:
1 Bala A Hassan
2.Yahaya Garba Ardo
3. Irmiya F Yarima
4. Danladi Y Mshebwala
5. Tambari Y. Mohammed
6..Bala Magaji Nasarawa
7. MUsa Abdulsalam
8. Adisa Bolanta
9. Mohammed J Gana
10. Umaru Abubakar Manko
11. Lawal Tanko
12. Olufemi A. Adenaike
13. Johson A Ogunsakin
14. Adenrele T. Shinaba
15. James O. Caulcrick
16 Olufefemi David Ogumbayode
17. Edgar T Nanakumo
18. Kalafite H. Adeyemi
19. Patrick D Dokumor
20. Mbu Joseph Mbu
21. Sabo Ibrahim Ringim.
21of them
ALL the 7 DIGs were also retired. That was a lot of heads to roll for
one man’s. Remember also that Kano INEC returning officer, with
his whole family, was burnt to death. Till date the case has not
seen the light of day. All the registered voters in Kano for 2015
presidential election voted 100% for APC. No single invalid vote, no
card reader malfunction.


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