Fashola should help Buhari look for his WAEC certificate rather than tackling Jonathan-Reno Omokri

I am surprised that rather than help his principal, Muhammadu
Buhari, look for his invisible school certificate, that has allegedly
been ‘kidnapped’ by the military, Tunde Raji Fashola, the minister
of darkness, persists in slandering Dr. Goodluck Jonathan by
saying that he only conceded the 2015 elections due to the
impending recession.

Nothing can be further than the truth, and Fashola, as a Senior
Advocate of Nigeria, ought to know that. First of all, there was no
‘impending recession’ at any time when Dr. Jonathan was
President of Nigeria.

What was on the horizon, was economic boom as evidenced by
CNNMoney which projected Nigeria as the third fastest growing
economy in the world in 2015.

It did not end there. Under the Jonathan administration, Nigeria
was a magnet for investment and was the number one destination
for foreign direct investment in Africa as rated by the Geneva-
based United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
(Unctad). Today, Nigeria is not even included in the top 10 in

Former President Jonathan handed over a robust economy to
President Buhari on May 29, 2015, with a single digit inflation rate
(it is now double digit), a Transparency International Corruption
Perception Index ranking of 136 (it is now 148, the worst in
Nigeria’s history), a Petrol Pump Price of ₦87 (it is now ₦145) and
a Naira valued at ₦199 to $1 (it is now ₦365 to $1).

In fact, the economic situation under President Jonathan was
much better than it is today that Gallup polls rated Nigeria under
Jonathan as the ‘happiest nation on earth”. In contrast, today, the
World Economic Forum rates Nigeria as the world headquarters for
extreme poverty!.

Nigerian Presidential Poll

Can the south east produce the next Nigerian President?

The fact, which Mr. Fashola knows very well, is that Nigeria’s first
recession in 25 years occurred under President Buhari because he
took six months before appointing his cabinet. And even when he
appointed his cabinet, he appointed inept certificate forgers to
handle a sensitive ministry like the finance ministry, which had
hitherto been professionally handled by the world renowned Dr.
Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Furthermore, the utterances by Mr. Fashola’s principal, whenever
he left the country, served to demarket the economy and trigger
capital flight. If President Buhari was not telling the world that all
Nigerians were corrupt, except him, he was telling them that
Nigerian youths are lazy.

Statements like that triggered the loss of confidence in the Nigerian
economy under Buhari, and indirectly led to the recession.
I will like to also remind Mr. Fashola that on July 12, 2014, he said
“the only way you and I will have electricity in this country is to
vote out the PDP.” Mr. Fashola is fond of denying his own
statements and we will like to remind him that he cannot deny this
one because it was caught on tape.

Incidentally, the Peoples Democratic Party is no longer in office at
the Federal Government and Mr. Fashola has been minister of
power for over three years, yet the power situation has not
Rather than bury his head in shame, Raji Fashola continues to
dance naked in the market and blame Dr. Jonathan for what he
and his bad gang caused.

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