Federal government to force the use of NIN by next year

The Federal Government says it is enforcing the mandatory use of
the National Identification Number (NIN) beginning from January 1,
The Director-General of the National Identity Management
Commission (NIMC), Engr. Aliyu Abubakar Aziz, disclosed this in a
statement on Tuesday.
He said the mandatory usage of the identification number was
sequel to Federal Executive Council (FEC’s) approval last week of
the immediate commencement of the implementation of a strategic
roadmap for a new Digital Identity Ecosystem.
FEC at its meeting chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari last
week approved the new identity ecosystem strategy for the
enrolment of Nigerians and legal residents into the National Identity
Database (NIDB), the statement said.
‘’The FEC’s approval of the new Digital Identity Ecosystem will
bring into full force the implementation of the provisions of the
NIMC Act 23, 2007, which include the enforcement of the
mandatory use of the National Identification Number (NIN) and the
application of appropriate sanctions and penalties on defaulters as
provided under Section 28 of the NIMC Act’’, the statement added.
Speaking on the strategic roadmap for a new Digital Identity
Ecosystem for Nigeria, Engr. Aziz explained that the step falls in
line with the Federal Government’s efforts to reposition the country
as a leader in the global economy.
Speaking further, he said Section 27 of the NIMC Act empowers
the Commission to set a date for the enforcement of the use of the
NIN for transactions listed in the Act and also to expand applicable
transaction in a Regulation approved by the Attorney General of the
Engr. Aziz said “the Commission shall from 1st January 2019
commence full enforcement of the mandatory use of the NIN and
apply all applicable sanctions and penalties as provided under
Section 28 of the NIMC Act against defaulters.”
He also said the cut-off date for data eligible for harmonisation
with the National Identity Database (NIDB) is 1st of December
“This means only data captured as at 30th November 2018 will be
subjected to harmonisation as is currently on-going.
“Fresh data capture of persons shall be in compliance with the
Provisions set out in the Nigeria Biometric Standards; Mandatory
use of the NIN Regulations 2017 and guidelines issued by the
“That is to say the capturing agency must request and verify the
NIN before taking secondary demographic data of the person and
where the person does not have a NIN, register such person
(where it is licensed to do so) or refer such person to a NIN
registration centre.
“Only licensed public or private agencies shall capture and transmit
biometric to the NIDB.
“Only the NIMC, Nigeria Police Force and other related security
agencies shall store biometric data’’, the statement said.


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