Feelings should be suspended in the choice of marriage

Marriage is heart conditioned, not affection conditioned. The worst
decision you will ever make in marriage is marrying or accepting a
man’s proposal in the name of affection. Accepting his proposal
because you trust his feelings or believed he has feelings for you
and on that foundation you built your feelings for him without any
proper heart conditioning. If you do, your marriage will melt like ice
block that is exposed to the sun in front of your eyes.

Do you know, 70% of men that are involved in adultery are those rich/
comfortable with beautiful wife and kids. Unlike what we were told
to believe that he left his wife or cheating on his wife because his
wife is stubborn and disrespectful or God have not blessed them
with child. Or that a woman made offer to him. It is funny when we
get God involved wrongly in our trouble. Listen, men can care for
their wife and still cheat on them, if there heart isn’t conditioned.

In case, you are carried away with his care, expensive gift and
romance. As far as, his heart isn’t conditioned to you by God, whenever misunderstanding arises at home or even without misunderstanding, his feelings can go for or accept anything in
woman figure outside home. “The heart is deceitful above all
things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9.
Women inclusive. “Who can know it” mentioned above means to
an unbelievable extent that could be demonic. A woman also can
profess all the feelings and romantic word for a man/her husband
and still fall apart by one tiny temptation, distraction or offer.

That is, if her heart isn’t conditioned. In essence, marriage is spiritual, and not just physical or natural. What is heart conditioned? It is a personal decision and understanding of who you are and whose you are. John 3:16. Romans 10:9-11. Heart conditioning is simply a heart conditioned by God. Joshua 24:15, Romans 12:1-2. It is the consciousness of your identity in God that guides your
decision, choice, what you say, what you do and who you associate with.

Hence, If you don’t dedicate your relationship to God early before marriage, you exposes it to certain danger unaware. Already times have changed and it is happening already with the manifestation of Isaiah 4:1, “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach”. In essence, your marriage needs to be heart conditioned for you to be able to place a guarantee on it in the future. Listen, affection doesn’t stand the test of time. It doesn’t hold a chance of survival over the forces of darkness. Isaiah 60:2.

Imagine, lots of women are already having migraine over the wave
of the ‘S3x Dolls’, and it is for real. It has every function of a
woman and that’s technology for you. It is an idea from the pit of
hell and will definitely have a demonic push beyond what we could
ever imagine. It is not a joke. The ignorant and cowards are already bought into it and a lot of men have it in their possession already. Seriously yes. If you are a woman, this should be least of your concern because it doesn’t matter. Even if they make a copy of you, you will still be unbeatable because you know who you are and whose you are. Moreover, marriage is heart conditioned, and not affection conditioned.

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