Fela Makafui and big Sister fighting because of Medikal- Social media users claim

Fella Makafui and big sister fighting because of Medikal – Social media users claim
YEN | March 17, 2019

Information gathered by YEN.com.gh has it that actress Fella Makafui and her big sister, Fendy Fella may not be on good terms with each other.

According to sources, the problem between the formerly close siblings is as a result of Fella’s relationship with her boyfriend Medikal.

Fendy, according to the informants, was not in support of her sister snatching Medikal from Sister Deborah, hence, her cold attitude towards Fella.

Though YEN.com.gh cannot independently confirm these claims as being made by the social media users, our checks revealed that Fella Makafui has deleted all photos of her sister and the ones she shared together with her from her Instagram page.

A popular Instagram handle, thosecalledcelebs, in releasing the information, wrote that Fendy failed to attend the one-year anniversary celebration of Fella’s winery.

According to this social media user, their mother was trying to settle the dissention between the two sisters, but still things were getting out of hand.

Others have it that Fella Makafui was feeling bossy over her elder sister, and because she was the “one bringing money home”, her mother was supporting her against her big sister.

Yaa, another Instagram user, for instance, commented that mothers usually supported the one bringing money home:

yaa_pee: “Mothers will always support the ones bringing money home .”

Akosua also claimed that Fendy and Fella were fighting because she is not in support of her younger sister’s relationship with Medikal, indicating that the only way they could be close again would be after she broke up with him:

akosuashy: “She’s not in support of dat relationship n d little sister is furious don’t worry wen dey break up she will be d only one to comfort her dey will make up den♀️♀️.”

Bherlynder, appearing to have more juice to the information commented that the two sister were not on good terms:

_bherlynder_: “They aa not in good terms.”

Rytty noted that Fendy was so different from Fella:

iamdjprytty: “She is so different from her sis . I admire her a lot.”

Nana Akua also had more information:

nanakuayy: “Eeeii Maa i have notice this ever since Fella n Medikal started,have not seen her sis around anymore.Fendy was in Dubai when the drama abt Medikal started n she s focus on her hair business since someone hacked her old accounts.i love both sis n they shd come together again❤❤.”

With the foregoing, it seems Medikal and Fella Makafui must be having a tough time with their love affair.

No wonder Fella herself admitted in an earlier report by YEN.com.gh that their relationship has not been an easy one.

In a recent report, she is said to have bought a car for her mother.


By Naa Ayeley Aryee

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