Five essential clothing items you need in your wardrobe

Courtesy of Coco Channel, the little black dress has gained a reputation as a wardrobe essential. But, this is not the only wardrobe essential you need for a normal, functional wardrobe.
Because we’re here for you, we have compiled a list of five items you absolutely have to have in your wardrobe.
1. A collection of t-shirts
Whether they are statement t-shirts, with various inscriptions on them, or plain t-shirts, every woman needs these treasures in their wardrobe. It saves you the stress of over thinking what to wear in your jeans. Instead of wearing an inappropriate tank top, or a too fancy blouse, you can throw one of them on and still look good.
2. The perfect pair of jeans
Sure, you have different pairs of jeans, but there has to be that one that is the perfect fit for you. You know? That one that hugs your butter right and makes you feel sexy. Girl, don’t stop until you get one of those!
3. A pair of sneakers
Fancy sandals and heels are all well and good, but, do you really have all the foot wears you need if you don’t have a pair of sneakers? Asides from their athletic function, they give you an edgy and trendy look.
4. A loose shirt
The very fact that this piece can be worn in different ways makes it a wardrobe essential. If it’s long enough, it can pass a a shirt dress. You can throw it on over a tank top and a pair of jeans. You can layer your Palazzo pants with it, all the while looking trendy!
5. Shift dress
Shift dresses are totally underrated. For days you have somewhere to be, and you also have to look good, but you don’t have a lot of energy to put into getting ready, a shift dress is what you need. It comes in so many styles, for different body shapes and fashion choice. It is easy, classy and can be dressed up or down. It has to be one of the ultimate fashion pieces.


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