Foods that might make your vagina smell and taste better

Generally, your lady parts might not smell like a patch of roses even on a good day. So if you’ve got plans for great oral sex later with the boo, of course, you’re bound to stress about the state of your down-there. With vagina douching not healthy and all, you might want to consider other ways of making your vagina smell and yes, taste better!
Here, check out these cheat-list foods that will make your lady part juices suitable for dessert for that special person.
Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are notorious for their high levels of acidity and this alters a lot of things for your ‘down-there’ most especially your pH levels. The sweet tangy taste of vitamin C rich fruits such as pineapple, also adds a dollop of extra sweetness to your vay-jay-jay city.
While eating pineapples might add a sweet tangy taste to your vag, coffee does the opposite. Generally, smoking, caffeine, and preservatives, due to their acidic content could make your vagina retain an unnatural bitter flavor.
Due to its natural probiotics which are actually good bacteria that help fight off bad bacteria, yogurt might be able to keep your vag healthy and smell normal without yeast infection and the unpleasant odors that come with it acting as extras.
Spices like curry is also on the list of foods that could make your down-there smell more like a dish off the menu. If you want something extra for your man when he moves down to vay-jay-jay city, you might want to eat up some curry for that funky taste!

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