Forever a son – Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Before the passing unto Glory of Archbishop Benson Idahosa he
made this profound statement to Bishop David Oyedepo. He said,
“In my journey of life and ministry I have had all kinds of people
come to me for different reasons. Some came to me for money,
others came for fame, a good number of people came to show me
how anointed, gifted, rich, charismatic and intelligent they are,
more so, others came to spot out my short-comings and human
flaws and find areas to criticize me. But you came with a heart of
humility to honour, serve and help me with this work inspite of all
my short-coming that was obvious to you. Because of this, you will
be greater than them all.” These were Papa’s exact words to
Bishop Oyedepo. Little wonder the Bishop is growing in bounds
and leap, in influence and affluence all around the world.
Many years ago Papa Idahosa organized a meeting with numerous
thousands in attendance. While papa Idahosa was on the platform
ministering, a certain young minister from the South East of
Nigeria whose ministry at the time was rocking waves everywhere
in Nigeria and beyond, drove into the program premises with fleets
of convoys and bodyguards, trumpeting sirens around the meeting
premises. Of course, if you know papa Idahosa, you’d know he is
a no nonsense person. Infuriated by such display of arrogance,
pride and disrespect for his meeting, papa said to the young
charismatic minister, “This is the last time anything of meaning will
be heard about your ministry”. One would have expected the
anointed pastor to postrait in apology for his reckless behaviour,
but no he didn’t. The typical igbo spirit is strong and unapologetic.
And just like papa said, that was the last time anything of worth
was said or heard of that ministry. It shut down completely. You
cannot dishonour, disrespect and disgrace Fathers and go farther.
God does not institute authority in perfect vessels. The biggest
mistake of a man is to dishonour God’s authority instituted in a
man. It’s not hard to know when Satan is about to finish a man’s
destiny. Just observe when the man begins to fight and attack
fathers directly or indirectly. Remember Judas, he fell for that trap
and that was his end in ministry. Peter almost fell for the same
trap but narrowly escaped.
Eastern Nigeria is blessed with greatness. I know lots of ministries
that would have broken boundaries and frontiers in ministry who
have been held down by their lack of understanding of sonship.
Just like PA Elton said before his transition to Glory, the East is
endowed with so much anointing to take the world, but except it
dethrones rebellion, disloyalty, pride, self, independent spirit and
love for mamon, we would loose the baton of spiritual leadership to
our ministerial counterparts in the Western part of Nigeria. Isn’t
that the fate of the East today? Please show me two ministries or
ministers from the East with a thriving global TV network? Show
me three ministries from the east who have built universities, owns
aircrafts and are pressing ministry into global frontiers. Show me
one ministry in the south east sitting 20,000 members per service.
What went wrong? That’s what this write up seeks to address
Sonship is a cardinal requirement for raising great ministries and
ministers. So many promising ministers have lost their glorious
destinies in ministry because they didn’t understand the father-son
order. God uses the father-son principle to build and achieve every
goal. Jesus our perfect model was into ministry while on earth but
it is interesting to know that He had a father. As a matter of fact
Jesus didn’t do anything of His own in ministry. All He did was the
will of His father. Jesus knew that the world was perishing in sin,
but couldn’t do anything of His own until the father sent Him.
Today we have a lot of pulpit chalatans rushing into ministry
without a father providing spiritual covering, direction and
mentorship. John 3:16 said “For God so loved the world that He
GAVE His only begotten SON…….” Isaiah 9:6 said, “For unto us a
child is born, and unto us a SON is GIVEN….. ” What does this
mean? Jesus was given by His Father. Sons are fathers gifts to
nations. Jesus didn’t die for the world because He loved the world.
It was God who loved the world and gave Jesus. Jesus died
because He loved and obeyed the father. You see, He had no will of
His own. He had no message of his own. As a matter of fact, all
He came on earth to do was what the father sent Him to do. Little
wonder He said, I have come to do all that is written concerning
me in the volume of the book. The father already decided Jesus’
ministry. Jesus only came to play out what His Father had already
written and decided about Him.
The scripture says that Jesus learnt obedience by the things which
He suffered. Jesus was obedient to the Father’s will even unto
death. The bible said it pleased God to bruise His son. Wow! that
sounds like His Father was heartless and wicked. Jesus was
bruised by His Father, yet remained obedient. Now that’s the
problem with our ministers today. How many of us will follow,
obey, remain faithful , loyal, submit to our spiritual fathers when
chastised, disciplined, corrected, scolded, and embarrassed. You
know what we do? We walk away, condemn our fathers, insult and
disregard them and if need be start another mushroom somewhere
around town. That’s the virus keeping many ministries in eastern
Nigeria down.
Can you imagine been sent to die for the world and left all alone
for 33 and half years? Jesus was practically forsaken by His
Father. Logically speaking His father was not being fair to Him.
Now someone wants to stone me, but before you do let’s look at a
few examples. Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days and 40 nights
and afterwards he was hungry. One would have expected God to
be human enough to send chariots full of food and assorted drinks
from heaven to His only son who volunteered amongst millions to
redeem the world, but no, God didn’t do that, instead He sent Satan
to tempt him. Hmmmmmm… …Jesus was mocked by men,
beaten, striped naked, stoned, slapped, spat on, killed and buried
yet God behaved like He didn’t care. Little wonder on the cross he
cried to his father saying, “My Father, My Father, why have you
forsaken me?” God had so much weight on the shoulder of His
son. The burden was so much that Jesus begged the father saying,
“If it is possible let this cup pass away from me, yet not as I will
but your will be done.” WHAT A SON!! He was fully obedient and
submissive to His Father. Remember Jesus was with God from the
foundation of the earth. He was God and also a co-creator of the
universe. He became flesh and blood like you and me and died
even the death on the cross. No wonder God has highly exalted
Him and Him a name above other names.
I’m happy to be igbo. I’m grateful to God also for the privilege of
being called and confirmed into the priestly ministry. I am a
spiritual father to many, but I’m also a son. I have a father and I
love him. I have a revelation about my spiritual father. My
followership of my father’s not based on what anyone thinks, feels
or says about him. I didn’t choose my father .I discovered and
accepted him. There is nothing in this world capable of derailing
me from my spiritual father. Jesus asked his disciples two
important questions . 1, WHO DO MEN SAY I AM (other people’s
revelation)? and 2, WHO DO YOU SAY I AM (your Personal
Revelation)? Jesus ‘ disciples were not hesitant to answer as
follows, some say you’re Elijah, John the Baptist, Moses, Isaiah,
etc. When Jesus asked the second question all His disciples were
mute.. Shocking!! None of his followers knew nothing about him.
Only Peter said, you’re Christ the Son of the living God. Of course
Jesus told him, Peter, flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but
my father in heaven… Peter had a revelation of Jesus others
following didn’t have. It’s amazing how members and leaders of a
church can follow their father and have no personal revelation
about him except what the social media, newspaper and street
gossip and public is saying about him. Friend you can’t know your
spiritual father in the flesh and profit of him.
My knowledge of my spiritual father is not based on public opinion
but my revelation of him. I love my father, I believe in him, I’m
committed to his vision, I’m dedicated to his service, I give to him,
I honour him, I defend him, I pray for him, I respect him, I obey him,
I can lay down my life for him. I can never and will never leave him
no matter what happens.
Don’t leave your father. Strive hard to protect your relationship
with him. Honour and serve him. celebrate him openly. Don’t
entertain thoes who slander and gossip your father. Don’t leave
your father only to end up a regular visitor in another man’s house
without an inheritance. When you leave your father you loose your
inheritance. The prodigal son is a perfect example of this. Let me
give you an example. If President Buhari was your biological father
would you leave him or change your family address on account of
the dissapointment expressed by numerous Nigerians about his
leadership? Of course you won’t do that. Your father is your
source and sustenance. Don’t loose him for any reason in the
Every Elisha needs an Elijah
Every Joshua needs a Moses
Every Jesus needs a John the Baptist
Every Peter needs a Jesus
Every Paul needs an Ananias
Every Timothy needs a Paul
Every Esther needs a Modecai
Every Ruth needs a Naomi
Every Mary needs an Elizabeth
Every Enenche needs an Oyedepo
Every Oyedepo needs a Kopeland
Every Adefarasin needs a TD Jakes
Every Papa Ayo needs a Morris Cerrulo
Every Abioye needs an Oyedepo
Every Rev Tom needs a Pastor Chris
Every Sinach, Edwards, Eben, Samsong, needs a Pastor Chris
Every TD Jakes needs a Noel Jones
Every Pastor Prince Abah needs a REV DAVID OGBUELI.
I’m forever a son!!
Please share. This message may just change someone. The time
for the south east has come. No more desolation in ministry. The
father-son order is being restored. Sonship based ministries are
set to rise and shake the world from the East of the Niger.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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