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    Dear Ladies,
    This time I come in peace. (Lol)
    # Lemme_say_this The man who will break your heart, the man who
    will end up punching you in the house will never come to you telling you “Hey beauty, My name isXYZ I am the man who will break your heart, I am the man who will beat you up at home, I love you
    and I want to go into a relationship with you.”

    No! No!! No!!!
    They will never come that way.
    Very often, they will come with fine flowers, fine
    gifts. And yes, they know you like communication so they will give you all of the attention in this
    world. They will text you a hundred times, call you a million times.

    But all of that is “Heartbreak” waiting to happen. The flower is heartbreak waiting for you to give him a chance.

    The gift is “A boxer waiting to get the chance to throw some punches at you” You must be wise enough to differentiate the acts
    of love from love itself.

    Many times the acts of Love are not really love. Any man who will want to manipulate you, knows
    that his best chance is to do so with the acts of Love.

    The man who just want to play with your heart knows that, he needs to shower the acts of Love on you to get a chance at that.

    As such it is very risky to define love using the acts of love as a criteria. See, No man really will love you more than they love themselves.

    The scripture makes it clear that we should “Love our neighbour as we love ourselves”.

    That alone sets self love as the tune to which we love others.
    In other words, you only love others to the extent you have loved yourself.

    As such the best way to see a man who will love you and give you the security that you need is to
    check that mans VALUES, not the attention he is GIVING YOU.

    Beyond the attentions, six packs abi na 8 packs self , big muscles, check the values that governs
    his life.

    If he hasn’t loved himself well enough to cultivate the right values, you will be a strong beneficiary of his foolishness.

    The man who may end up cheating on you, probably defines his masculinity by his ability to get
    any girl he wants. Such poor values! .

    We will always treat people inline with the highest values we hold in our life. Again, beyond the acts of Love shown.

    You must listen to the values that governs the life of a man, no man will treat you or love you beyond his values.

    That said, before you fall for the acts of love, make sure you fall for his values first.

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