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      Well, a side hustle can be a great way to make some extra money in your spare time, or even a way to make money when you are out of a job or looking for one.

      On the downside, a lot of them can be capital or time intensive.

      This is talking from first-hand experience.

      I’ve compiled a small, easy-to-digest list of 5 side hustle ideas that work well anywhere within the Nigerian environment, while having very low financial and time requirements to start.

      This can come in handy especially with the increasing need for people to work from home this 2020 due to the Covid-19, and the lack of white collar jobs in Nigeria.

      1. Start where you are and use what you have.
      This is the best idea you can ever find if you want to dive into the world of Side Hustling, especially in Nigeria.

      Simply solve a problem for someone, and fulfil a need that people will pay for.

      Use your skills, talents and resources that you have at the moment.

      Let’s use this as an example.

      My first side hustle was making hair, and I was not even good at it, to be honest. It was just something I learnt when I was in boarding school out of necessity.

      Later on, I needed a way out, and school children in my area needed to make their hair during the weekend.

      The pay was not much but it was better than ‘the hope strategy’. I had no special qualifications nor capital to start a business, so I used what I had for people who needed it.

      Just use what you have, can do, for the people who need a problem solvef, that’s the best side hustle idea.

      Questions to ask.
      What skills, talents or hobbies do you have that people will pay for?
      Do you know any handcraft you can do?
      What are the available resources you have that you can make something out of?
      What problems do people around you complain of? Are you capable of helping them out?

      2. Handcrafts
      Turning raw materials into finished products requires knowledge and expertise which many people don’t have.

      This is one side hustle every Nigerian should consider.
      Be it for decoration, fashion, or something that makes tasks easier for people, you can easily have a side hustle that doesn’t require a lot of time or resources to get started.

      There’s this colleague of mine who has built a successful side hustle making earrings. She’s developed her skills to the point where people paid her to learn the skills.

      It may not seem much to you, but there are millions of people out there who do not know a fraction of what you do, and are willing to pay for the services or to learn from you.

      Handcrafts that you can produce to make money from home in Nigeria are beauty products, health products, body care items, clothes and household products.

      3. Food processing and reselling
      People will always and forever need food.
      No matter how bad the economy is, or how terrible things become, food is an essential we can not make sacrifices on. This makes this market very lucrative.

      You can take this as a side hustle by sourcing items where they are cheap and reselling them elsewhere for a reasonable profit. You can also go into farming and producing the food.

      Another way is to take the raw unprocessed food, do the processing into a more convenient form for use and sell the finished product.

      The last way is to take the raw foodstuffs when it is in season such as tomatoes, pepper, process it to a form that can be stored for when it is not produced in abundance and sell it.

      I especially love this, and it has been my saving grace, especially when I was a student.

      I’ve personally been able to make 6 figures without investing a lot of time and money into it.

      4. Animal production
      Meat is another highly valuable essential for Nigerians. You can build a side hustle around this especially if you do not have a lot of time to spare or money to start.

      During festive periods, weddings, holidays or even ordinary days meat is always in need.

      Depending on the variety of meat that is in demand in your area, be it poultry, goat, pomo, snails or fish, you can rear this animals and sell them for a a nice sum

      I did raise poultry while having a day job, and I did not have time or a lot of money.

      What I did, I paid people occasionally to help me with the feeding and care while I was busy, and I did it when I was able to.

      The disadvantage here is that you need to put in money for a while so if you need money fast, then this is may the way for you.

      5. Network marketing.
      Getting paid for using the same products you use day in, day out, and getting others to do the same is a good way to earn some money as a side hustle.

      This is a type of affiliate marketing where you get paid for the products you use, as well as the products you recommend to others to use.

      Sometimes, I like to think of it like a mini-franchise, where you get to use someone’s skills, products and reputation to make money, without going through all the initial stress of creating or perfecting a business that’s actually makes money.

      There are a lot of such companies in Nigeria, with a variety of goods from makeup to health related products to almost everything you can think of.

      It’s attractiions are the low barriers to start, especially in the form of capital or skills and the ability to make money in a short while while also benefitting from the activities of your team and getting paid on a regular basis.

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