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      Hello guys, been a while I wrote anything here. Forgive me, I was occupied with a handful of projects. But now that I’m back, we can discuss a few sensitive topics no one else wants to talk about!

      So, married men, There’s a certain level of respect society gives them, being that they have made the bold (or stupid) decision to settle down with one woman. That being the case, why do so many of them look to other women for sex? How come their wives, who they have vowed to love and cherish forever, aren’t good enough for them?

      In this article, we’ll be discussing infidelity in men, and the real reason married men cheat.

      Let’s go!

      Could It Be The Age Factor?

      I have never seen a 60 year old man cheat on his wife with a 60 year old babe. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but that would be a rare occurrence. On the other hand, I’ve countless times seen 60 year old men cheat on their wives with girls as young as 19, 20, 25, 29……..Mmm, let’s say 30…..Maybe squeeze in 36. But that’s where it stops!

      My point is this, men love young babes, and for good reasons too. Should I list them out? Firm standing boobs, a more compact vagina, a fresher face, less wrinkles on the body, and of course, more energetic rounds of sex.

      If their lovely wives are no longer as attractive as they used to be in their youth, then their husbands, who are still very sexually active, would be tempted to consider the option.

      Are They Truly Polygamous In Nature?

      Let’s leave old age aside, young men who are married to young wives still cheat right? So why is that? Could the old saying “men are polygamous in nature” be true? Are we that uncontrollable? Do our di*ks really lack sense?

      We all know that human wants cannot be satisfied, unfortunately, this includes our sexual wants as well.

      “There are too many fine girls in Lagos” is an excuse I’ve heard for decades! Wait, there’s another one…..”No be everyday person go dey chop Egusi”

      Polygamous indeed.

      Maybe He Never Wanted To Marry You

      There are a few possible reasons why a young man with a young wife will develop a habit of banging other babes.

      Maybe his wife does not enjoy sex, maybe she complains too much. It could also be that the wife in question is actually cool, but she was never the babe the guy intended to marry, but for some reason, they were forced to.

      Sad, but if your husband, young or old, never wanted you in the first place, but married you anyway (maybe because you carry belle for am), then there’s a 99.9% chance he is going to have extra-marital relations.

      Are They Not Afraid Of God?

      I have no idea how Muslims carry out their marriage ceremonies, but I have a fair idea about Christian marriages. I know one thing for sure, the groom will stand in front of the alter and make all sorts of vows before the priest, attending family members, and of course the Almighty God Himself!

      It seems these vows carry no weight after the wedding ceremony is over. Because not long after, the same dude dropping vows up and down while looking deep into his wife’s eyes and smiling like a fool will go and kpansh another babe.

      If I were a religious person (which I’m not), and I make a vow before God, I think I’d be scared to break those vows, even if I wanted to. Knowing fully well that adultery is a sin that could land me in hell (lol).

      If with total disregard, a man has sex with another woman other than his lawfully wedded wife, then it is simple, he is not afraid of, neither does he believe in God. Argue with your fence!

      My Verdict

      I believe the REAL reason men (and women) cheat, regardless of the circumstance, is that they pay too much attention to what they’re missing, instead of what they have.

      Make I still burst una head, some women don’t care if their husbands cheat, as long as they have the title “Mrs”, then they are fine.

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