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      Sometimes I ask myself what is so fascinating about marriage. The joy at which some people sing and dance at your face about the joy of being married amazes me.

      I am a 29 year old male. I do have a good job. I can cook by myself any kind of delicacy I want anytime I want it. I very much can clean my entire apartment and do my own laundry impeccably. The joy I get going home everyday knowing that I am going back home to my apartment without any girl to bother me about this and that is just heavenly.

      I have dated lots of girls just so that I can understand what is so fascinating about having them around but since I can do many personal stuffs myself, I hardly have any need being a relationship cos I noticed that it either requires more of your energy, more of your money, more of your peace of mind especially when you jam a girl that’s constantly feels insecure. The worst encounter you would have as a young man looking for true love is to go into a relationship with a girl who doesn’t know what she wants. You might die sooner than your maker planned it.

      I know some people will say that I haven’t met the right girl. But my question is; who exactly is the right girl

      For me, there’s this joy being single and free. Being able to run your life without a girl pinning you down about how old she’s getting and that you need to come fast to see her parents. Shit! Being single and free leaves you living with a clear conscience of not committing to nobody and breaking nobody’s heart.

      For those that will say, marriage is good for the sake of child bearing, you are absolutely correct but I rather go into a contract with a girl I know about being my baby mama. There are so many girls out there who love such idea too.

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      Omo see write up. So you don’t want a girl in your life. No problem, continue.

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