MTN has recently just launched freebasics which includes free Facebook. Formerly, this feature was only available to Airtel and 9mobile subscribers but mtn recently just joined the queue and its not surprising why they did.

Well, just like Airtel, you are granted free 20mb everyday to surf through Facebook and freebasic, but of course its only text which means pictures and videos aren’t available except for profile pictures. Although, pictures on freebasic sites are available, so you can still enjoy all your free basic sites like supersport, Wikipedia, wikihow, Nairaland and a host of others.

To enjoy this simply open your browser and type or and the same for freebasic but if you’re using the Facebook app no need for the long process just launch the app and it will open automatically.

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  1. Dats gud

  2. Great development

  3. Good update

  4. now they know

  5. Nyc one

  6. Like Airtel.

  7. Okay

  8. OK

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