Fulani heardsmen only targeting Christians to kill – TY Danjuma

Former Minister of Defence and respected business mogul, General
TY Danjuma (Rtd) has taken his protest against killings in the
North Central region of Nigeria to the United States of America.
Speaking at a session hosted by the International Committee on
Nigeria (ICON), in collaboration with Heritage Foundation and 21
Wilberforce, he said the issue of extremism among some Fulani
people has led to horrific attacks on villages that echo Boko-
Haram tactics.
General Danjuma who was at the event with Taraba State
Governor, Daruis Ishaku discussed implications of Nigeria’s
escalating religious and ethnic violence. Representatives from the
U.S. government and prominent NGOs also joined the discussion.
According to Danjuma “Evidence is there that President Buhari has
failed. Corruption continues and ineffective governance does not
confront attacks on villages.”
“If chaos continues in Nigeria, refugees will flood over West Africa,
then Europe and eventually America – whether you build a wall or
not,” warned General Danjuma.
Darius Ishaku, Governor of Taraba State (where Roman Catholic
churches have been attacked by Fulani extremists in recent
weeks), stated that his own leadership abilities are hampered by
the structure of Nigerian governance. He said, “We do not have
state or local police … Governors do not have power or influence to
make changes in their own states.”
Also in attendance, Former Congressman Frank Wolf, Senior
Distinguished Fellow at 21Wilbeforce, added that, “Europe can
barely handle Syrian and Iraqi refugees so they’d be overwhelmed
if Nigeria collapsed.

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