I am writing to inform you of how your cronies and family
members have been so wicked and unfair to you ever since you
joined your ancestors in the other world. I do not have any
intention of mocking your rotten and rejected carcass but only
concerned in calling on your restless spirit to act now in other to
avoid further cataclysmic brouhaha that the vultures you call your
love ones and well wishers are causing under your name. In this
letter, I will systematically remind you of your sins and finally
conclude by drawing your attention on how complicated your
judgement and punishment will be in heaven
Sir, it is on record that the name Muhammed Buhari is well known
all over the world not only as a mass murderer but also as a
disdainful, unrepentant and big-headed religious bigot.
You singlehandedly orchestrated the popular Asaba massacre that
took the Lives of more than 800,000 innocent men and women
within the space of two days. You stood by the side and watched
while young girls and their mothers were brutally molested and
raped in front of their fathers and husbands by some depraved and
rampaging military officers from your clan ( Fulani ) who were
solely under your command and control in Asaba. As a feudal over
lord who was on a war of annihilation, you never raised an
eyebrow but all you could do was to concretize their animalistic
disposition by cheering them for a job well done!
Moreover, during your reign as a military head of state, you
incarcerated and murdered innocent citizens who dare question
your numerous illegalities. Fela Kuti and Dr Alex Ekwueme of
blessed memory were jailed, Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor
were also jailed via your draconian decree 4 of 1983. To make the
matter worst, as an ethnic jingoist, you shielded individuals who
comes from your tribe from corruption charges but descended
heavily on other citizens who doesn’t have ethnic and religious
affiliation with you. Citizens were brutalized and hauled into
military dungeons for not queuing to buy milk in malls and in bus
stations. Human right was thrown to the dogs under your watch
It is pathetically unfortunate that you never achieved any
meaningful thing when you were still alive. You were only notorious
in destroying the good lagacies of other people. While as a military
head of state, you and your co traveller, Idiagbon recklessly
plunged the economy of Nigeria into an irredeemable recession.
Millions of people lost their jobs and livelihood. Dozens of
companies folded and relocated to other neighboring countries
because of harsh economic policies of your clueless government.
There was demeaning and excruciating poverty among the
citizens. People lived in hunger and hopelessness. Social vices
skyrocketed to an unprecedented level.The strong preyed on the
weak to survive. You ordered and supervised the destruction of
peoples shops and looting of their wares in broad day light.
Surprisingly, that was why the former president, Olusegun
Obasanjo ( though not a saint ) called you a bad economic
manager in his book, My Watch.
Dear sir, before your demise, you were always parading yourself
as an anti corruption crusader. Though you rode under the
umbrella of anti corruption crusader to hoodwink and outsmart a
more qualified and intellectually sophisticated personality called
Jonathan. We have not forgotten how you dubiously looted 25
billion naira from the coffers of Petroleum Trust Fund ( PTF ) as
the chairman of the organization. You failed to account for that
money. You awarded fictitious contracts under PTF to your
cronies and family members. Terribly enough, PTF became a fat
cow for lazy criminals from Fulani dynasty.
More annoying to the inimical evil you committed was when you
lied about your Waec certificate during the last general election.
You told the general public that your certificate was in the custody
of the Defence Headquarters but after much investigation, it was
discovered that there was never a time you enrolled for the
examination but you unmeritedly got into the military through a
hand written note from the then principal of your school in Daura,
Katsina State.
The Nigerian army without much hesitation issued a press release,
denying ever seeing or being in position of your certificate. Funnily
enough, a devilish midget that is serving as the governor of
Kaduna state, Mr El rufai worriedly doctored a Waec certificate for
you with the primary aim of saving your shameless person from
public bashing. INEC ( a compromised electoral body ) did not also
fail on their own part to consolidate on this illegality by
premeditatedly clearing you to contest for the election despite the
fact that you lack the necessary prerequisite
Sir, despite your numerous felonies against humanity, your cronies
and family members have been really wicked and unfair to you.
They are making things more difficult for you in the spiritual world,
a place I know you are painfully paying for your crimes.
First, instead of bringing back your rotten carcass home for a
befitting burial, they decided to dump your body in one of the cold
rooms in London which is against Islamic law.They travelled all
the way to Sudan to contract a hungry imposter called AMINU
JUBRIL to stand in your stead. Your lovely wife, Aisha and children
have gone on exile never to return or discuss anything about the
man that is impersonating you in Aso Rock.
Under your name as the president, we were told that rats invaded
your office and chased a chicken hearted general like you away,
snake swallowed millions of naira, monkey absconded with
millions, Babachir swallowed millions in the name of cutting grass,
$26 billion developed legs and disappeared from NNPC coffers,
dead people were appointed to serve in your government
( corpsocratic government ), thousands have been maimed and
butchered by your misguided brothers ( Bokoharam and Fulani
terrorist organisation ) in the whole of middle belt. In South East
and South South, operation python dance and crocrodile smile was
initiated to kill innocent men and women who doesn’t believe in the
fake and unholy matrimony called Nigeria. People live in the fear
of the unknown. A lot has been committed in your name.
Sir, it will be reasonable for me to remind you that the doctrine of
VICARIOUS LIABILITY will be used to nail you when you will be
called to account for all these atrocities your cronies and love ones
are committing under your name. Your rotten carcass will be
exhumed wherever it might be hidden to answer for it.
Conclusively sir, before it will be too late, you have to arrest the
impending doom for the sake of your wife and children. The fate of
your family will be terrible if you should fail to unleash terror on
these vultures.
I am invoking your incubus to act against these shenanigans that
are making things more miserable for you. Strike people like Lai
Mohammed, Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu, Orji Uzor Kalu, Audu
Ogbeh, Mamman Daura, Aminu Jubril ( the imposter from Sudan ),
Idris Kpotum Ibrahim, Bola Tinubu, Yemi Osinbajo, Abba Kyari,
Rotimi Amaechi, Nasir El-rufai and Ismaila Funtua with leprosy and
dumbness. Make them suffer for their sins. These personalities
have reduced you to nothing.
However, as you are gearing up to act upon my advice, may your
soul never rest in peace! May you continue to suffer and wander in
the spirit. You were a curse to humanity. Accept my letter in good

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