And he told me a story of the popular experiment.
We’ll call him Mr Jay.
Mr Jay brought a live chicken for the experiment.
It was a rooster, very colourful young cock, full of life and in its prime.
We’ll call him Mr Rooster.
Mr Jay forcefully plugged out Mr Rooster’s feathers one after another.
Mr Rooster screamed and kroo-ed in pains.
Still Mr Jay pulled, until its bloody skin was exposed for all to see.
He hurt Mr rooster so much,
Heck I hurt so much just from listening to the story.
My skin feels a high degree of pain on Mr rooster’s behalf.
Then Mr Jay put Mr rooster down,
Set a trail of grain on the floor in a straight line. The straight line leads to a big bowl of hot boiling water.
Everyone watched with mouths open as Mr rooster carefully and happily picked up and swallowed every grain, leading right up to the bowl of boiling water.
Mr Rooster ate away until it went head first into the water and therein was its death.
Mr Rooster didn’t stand a chance, not after Mr Jay pulled out all its hairs, the hot water peeled its skin as the protective layer had long been gone.
And Mr Rooster went to an early grave.
Dear people, 2019 is almost upon us. We are Mr Roosters and some ‘people’ are Mr Jays, they have scarred us, taken our protective covers, hurt us and pacified us with grains of corn. For the remainder of this year and the whole of next year we’ll embark on the grain-eating-journey that unfortunately may lead to our boiling-hot-water experience in 2019 and thereafter.
The Mr Jays in our society practice no religion yet they convince us to kill our brothers of another faith; they identify with no ethnicity yet they make us believe our enemies are they of the other ethnicity. Grow up Nigerians, wise up, our foolish days are OVER! Our mumu don do!


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