Getting the best out of a roll in the sack with hubby

If you ask a man and a woman what time is best for sex, whether morning or evening, you will most likely get different answers.
Men prefer morning sex because they usually wake up aroused and women prefer the low hum of the evening when they are relaxed. Whatever category you fall under, you can still get the best out of both.
Evening sex
These tips should help you have the time of your lives right before you sleep.
• Build the excitement
Throughout the day flirt with each other. Send suggestive messages to each other about what to expect at night.
• Watch a romcom together
When you are snuggled in bed, tune into some cheesy romance movie with excellent romantic scenes. It will help.
• Work out together
Working out gets your juices pumping so once you do this together, move the rest to the bedroom.
• Watch competitive sports
Scientists have spoken once more. They say that such sports increase testosterone production. So if you also like sports, snuggle in.
Morning sex
If you are more of a morning couple then read on.
• Start slow
Focus on appreciating each other’s bodies and get your partner comfortable.
• Go to bed early
If you are hoping to get your groove on in the morning then you two should go to bed early so you can take all the time you want and perform optimally.
• Think of the big picture
Research shows that morning sex makes both partners more productive at work. So have this greater good at the back of your mind as you enjoy each other’s bodies.
Whatever time of the day you want to have sex, make sure you are both having fun. Besides, you could always mix it up.

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