God has no religion – Gandhi

God has no religion, five pillars and rules not
to wear colored clothes. He doesn’t care if we eat apples to
Savior, cook milk and meat on different graves, and accept food in
the light of day during Ramadan. He does not demand to read
prayer, to circumcise, and to believe that the world is based on
suffering. He doesn’t need our two-week post, a lean face and a
hole in the heart of the heart as a sign of grief for the deceased.
All of this was invented by the people themselves: Made Gods,
painted icons and sprayed the white stone with patterns. For
centuries, religious wars have been waged, destroyed by the
redheads of women and those who thought otherwise. Wrote
hundreds of books, developed thousands of rules and restrictions.
Condemned everyone who does not perform “mikvé”, does not
pray for the dead, in the manners of Protestants and does not
recognize liturgy. And nothing in 2000 years has changed. We’ve
studied languages, we use the internet, we’ve developed smart
chopsticks, and we keep cord blood, but continue to kill, Rob, lie
and hate, regardless of Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad and Buddha.
We fight in the streets and in the subway cars. We have hundreds
of enemies and half a friend. Playing Hide-and-seek and singing
voices. Wear masks and artificial valves. And forget what we live
for, breathe and milk. And don’t even think that you came to this
land with one single task to find happiness.

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