God Is Good Motors Diverted Passengers, held them for 10days in exchange 10million naira

Few days ago, A fully loaded bus belonging to GOD IS GOOD MASS
TRANSIT was diverted along the Onitsha-Ore-Lagos highway and
the helpless passengers mostly elderly and pregnant women were
kidnapped and held for ransom.
These unfortunate victims have been held in captivity for over 10
days now, Some whose families could pay have been made to
cough out sum ranging from N1 million to N5million.
Why are they paying?,
The answer is simple, they bought tickets and boarded GOD IS
GOOD MOTORs to convey them from Enugu to Lagos. They
bought tickets for N6000 and ended up paying millions after days
of torture, rape and humiliation.
As at now, somebody’s pregnant wife is in a thick jungle
somewhere and he is runing around selling property and borrowing
to pay ransom. Someone sold his only car worth 2.3million for
1million so he could pay and get his octogenarian sick mother out
of the kidnappers den. Someone somewhere is on suicide watch
because her two daughters have been in an unknown jungle for
days and the family do not have money to pay for their release.
The heartbreaking aspect of the whole mess is that up till now, the
animals at the helm of GOD IS GOOD MOTORS are yet to officially
reachout to these families whom they drove into trauma. No
feedback mechanism, no support system, no reassurance or
dialogue of any kind, just complete radio silence.
Just yesterday, another God Is Good Bus Crashed And Severely
Injured Passengers After Driver Slept Off behind the wheels.
About 10 persons were seriously injured while others narrowly
escaped death in the auto crash involving a bus belonging to God
is Good Transport Company.
The incident reportedly happened after the driver who was on high
speed slept off on the steering along Benin-Lagos Road.
The GOD IS GOOD bus veered off the road into a bush and
smashed head on into rocks and tree stumps covered by thickets.
Eight persons were severely injured while an infant lost one of her
fingers to the mishap.
The FRSC who in recent times has lost its focus and direction now
have another opportunity to redeem its rapidly retrogressing image.
Instead of the focus on extortion, they should focus on these
irresponsible transport companies who have no value for the
sanctity of human life.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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