Godswill Akpabio has proving how corrupt he is by joining APC

It’s no longer news that Sen. Godwill Akpabio has left the PDP for
APC. As surprising and perverse the decision may be, as
democrats, we don’t have any option but to respect his
fundamental right of association and expression, as enshrined in
the constitution. I will not call Sen. Akpabio a “looter” simply
because he left PDP for a fractured and demystified APC, exactly
the stereotypical manner a Buharist would have reacted, had it
been the opposite.
Those Buharists who have been threatening fire and fury against
Senate president Bukola Saraki and his fellow defectors, are yet to
raise their voices against this development. They have not told us
again how “illegal” and “unprincipled” for a senator to abandon the
party that brought him to office and transfer the mandate to his
new party.
The human “rice” activist and legal face of APC, Femi Falana has
maintained hypocritical silence, because this one favoured APC.
The ugly whore and demented buffoon in the Villa called Lauretta
Onochie, who has ridiculed the office of the president by her crude
utterances, unbefitting of her office, is yet to “list the sins” of Sen.
Akpabio, like she did against Saraki. Adams Oshiomhole had
suddenly gone mute, and also suffered partial amnesia, that made
him forgot that a senator “cannot take a crown that belongs a
family to another”, as he shamelessly stated against Saraki. The
old nincompoop called Sen. Abdullahi Adamu is yet to disturb our
peace again, on why “Akpabio must face the consequences of his
wrong decision”.
Like a moonlight story, scripted to reflect the world of fantasy, the
“saintly” party called APC, condescended so low to the extent of
coming to the dens of “looters” to woo one of its “gang” leaders, to
join them in the “sanctuary of the righteous”. What an irony! Sen.
Akpabio has given his life (defection) to Christ (APC). He is a “new
creature” (APC member) and old things (corruption charges), have
all passed away! He has been baptised by John De Baptist (Bola
Ahmed Tinubu), and has been given a new garment of “integrity” by
no other person but custodian of it called Mohammadu Buhari.
By virtue of being “born again” (APC member), god of APC—
President Buhari has redeemed Sen. Akpabio of all his sins and
that of his forefathers. Ancestral curses have no hold on Sen.
Akpabio again as a result of mark of holiness (broom), in front of
his abode. Even his potential iniquities have all been forgiven in
advance. PDP members have taken solace in their new found
members, who came back from a wild goose chase in the
wilderness, like the proverbial prodigal sons that wasted their
fathers wealth.
The returnees confessed they thought that they were running from
snakes in PDP, but ended up in the coven masked as the APC,
where venomous Pythons, cobras, anacondas, scorpions and
crocodiles were bitting and stinging each other to death. They
realized that they went into unholy alliance with sadists, tyrants,
ethno-religious bigots, death merchants and megalomaniacs, who
believes so much in absolute power, not for the good of the
country but persecution and oppression of political opponents cum
Sen. Akpabio’s defection has also exposed high level of political
naivety, gullibility and unbelievable hypocrisy amongst APC e-rats.
A club that lost its Ronaldos, Messis, Neymars, Bales, Mbappes,
Modrics, etcetera, in a free transfer market to its main rival (PDP),
has rolled out drums to celebrate the signing of Benzemas,
Ighalos, Baloguns of this world, as if the club (APC) has won
Champions league. They forgot that their new signings are exiting
their old club (PDP), because they’re afraid of competing for
jerseys with the new world class players, with millions of fans
across the globe. Only a club destined for relegation, will employ
the services of an arrogant and tactless rabble-rouser like Adams
Oshiomhole as its new coach, who sees himself as village
headmaster that must flog his recalcitrant pupils into line, using
razor-laced koboko.
Let me remind the APC that its out-of-form signings are good in
missing goal-scoring chances, commiting penalties and conceding
own-goals. Sen. Akpabio has never functioned in the full capacity
as senate minority leader, Sen. Enyinna Abaribe has be performing
that role instead. He has been more of Buhari’s praise-singer than
formidable opposition voice. He will perform better in his new club
where hailing and sycophancy are means of livelihood and
immunity against corruption charges. He doesn’t have the mental
fortitude and testicular strength for opposition politics. His
strained relationship with his godson, Gov. Emmanuel Udom, is
only a smokescreen being put up by Sen. Akpabio to return to his
usual lifestyle of AGIP—Any Government In power.


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