Golden features you should look for when going into relationship

Do not look for a wealthy man or woman. Do not look for someone with an easy life or a higher degree. Do not look for someone with good looks or a great sense of fashion. All those things are deceiving.

Look for a friend. Look for a companion. Look for someone who understands you. Look for someone who’s soul recognises yours and yours recognises his. Let the heart (genuine affection or attraction) chose for you and not the mind or eyes (lust or greed). Look for a sincere person who is also a good forgiver. Look for someone you can build an empire with. Look for someone you can start from scratch with and rise together. Relationships are about complementarity. Its about bringing the best out of each other and not about feeding on the best of one another.

Look for someone who embraces your dreams and ambitions. Look for a man you can help and guide in achieving his dreams. Look for a woman
that you can support and protect without any fear of being dumped due to a bad financial month/status. Look for someone you can confidently face poverty with as much as they confidently face wealth with you. Look for sincerity, loyalty, dedication, peace and wisdom. Look for a good role model for your children and look the part too.

When you build together, you grow stronger and content together. But if one comes in a relationship already wealthy or well off than the other, there’ll always be a sense of power imbalance or inequality (this is mine and not yours; do you know how hard I worked for this and that; where were you when this and that happened; but it is hardly said out loud but suppressed and thought).

Let’s build together. Let’s work on each other’s dreams and visions. Let’s invest in the development of one another. Let’s embrace each other’s strengths and work on each other’s weaknesses. If a man marries a woman for the sole purpose of her superficial beauty or social status, that man has missed the important things that make that woman a woman.

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And if a woman marries a man for the sole purpose of his wealth or social status or superficial attractiveness, that woman has missed the things that make that man a man. Lets be clear and realistic on what we need.

“When you prosper and establish your home, love your wife with ardor. Then fill her belly and clothe her back. Caress her. Give her ointments to soothe her body. Fulfill her wishes for as long as you live. She is a fertile field for her husband. Do not be brutal. Good manners will influence her better than force. Do not contend with her in the courts.

Keep her from the need to resort to outside powers. Her eye is her storm when she gazes. It is by such treatment that she will be compelled to stay in your home.

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  4. The most important thing in a relationship iss love and trust. You could find a rich guy who would give you everything but if you’re afraid that because he’s rich there won’t be love then you’re wrong

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