President Jonathan during his tenure realized that there is no way to develop Nigeria without developing the Hausa people. So he declared FREE & COMPULSORY EDUCATION in Hausaland in his bid to fight the abysmal illiteracy that pervaded the land.
To achieve this he built 253 Almajiri Secondary Schools (Hausa are primarily the Almajiri – Fulani are not Almajiri) and 14 Federal Universities with 9 in the North.
Agriculture is the mainstay of the great Hausa people. President Jonathan built more Dams and Access Roads in the North and Nigeria than any other regime.
Likewise he subsidized fertilizers and removed the odious middlemen who pride themselves as Fertilizer Cabal by identifying the actual local farmers and communicating with them directly on their needs and requirements.
He built Farmers Cooperatives and provided soft loans for farmers.
No Nigeria leader including the 2 Fulanis Sir Ahmadu Bello and Malam Aminu Kano have done for the North what President Jonathan has done.
While he did all these , he did not know that he was incurring the wrath of the Fulani elite class who formulated the 3 prong approach of disinformation, Boko Haram insurgence and Fulani Presidency in the guise of Northern Presidency in order to oust him.
The presentation of GMB a Fulani that is loved and have been adopted by the Hausa was a coup de grace. However, the amiable PMB has allowed all the developmental structures put in place by the Jonathan administration to wither away.
It is said that it is in the interest of the Fulani to keep the Hausa illiterate and dependent so that they can continue with their monopoly of power in Hausaland. BOKO HARAM means that “Western Education is evil” yet the children of the Fulani attend the best schools in the world in search of Western Education.


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