Yesterday 18th February 2018 Sen.Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi’s faction of APC in Kaduna State slammed a six months suspension on Gov.El-rufai for anti-party activities and insubordination.Mr.Wada’s executives so ruled because Gov.El-rufai panjamdrumically ignored their query that gave him 48hrs to provide insights on some of his actions and inactions. He snubbed them,they walked their talk by pulling the trigger. A perfect respect for Newton’s third law of motion!
“Power mad vegetarians” Gov.El-rufai is dealing with are veteran power players that aren’t cowards.And dudes that never declined invitation to tango,in shine or rain. Their history of the politicking suggests; they are tough, hard and rough players. Once they pick on you or you give them a fight,they fight to finish.No retreat,no surrender seems to be their guiding dictum.To appreciate their lethality and corrosiveness,Gov.El-rufai should read a book titled “THE WOLF OF KREMLIN”. Simply put; they play the power game ala Comrade Lazar Kaganovich of the former Union of Soviet Socialists Republics(USSR).
The rumpus is intra-party politics. That specie of politics is messier,tougher and trickish than inter-party politics. It appears,Gov.El-rufai is as dull as Owellian Benjamin the donkey on knowhow of intra-party politics.His case is irredeemable because of his narcissistic character and outrageous ignorant arrogance that wouldn’t permit him accept his weaknesses, and learn from certified grand masters.
The drowning Governor must be thinking that Sen.Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s reconciliation committee is lurking at the corner and will take the noose off his neck. What big terrible dreamer! His opponents will advance humiliating conditions that his over-sized ego will resist.That will be a perfect excuse for his more strategic and tactical foes to return to the trenches and commence a fiercer round of firing and pounding.
Assuming(without conceding) that Sen.Tinubu will be able to strike a cease fire deal,the Governor’s adversaries have packages of other terrible troubles to unleash for a post reconciliation period. Variables responsible for the new set of ruckus will appear new that the national body will believe the embattled Governor ignited them. The overall strategy is to keep dragging him through one crisis to the other, until they render him politically vegetative.
Their ultimate mission isn’t to take over the APC, it’s to terminate the all-knowing Gov.El-rufai’s rent in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in 2019.The scramble for the leadership of the party is intended to break the spine of his platform,first . After damaging the back bones of APC, they will join forces with his traditional opponents outside APC and give him a marching order to the political wilderness. Their goal is clear;ousting him at all cost.
Can somebody tell Gov.El-rufai he is on a political cliff with one of his legs down? I believe the game is over for him. He better start thinking of post office life.Is he running to Dubai (again)or will change destination in his second leg of self-imposed exile? We shall see.
A good rat and good cat are gaming. We are all eyes!


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